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  1. Why Michigan Is So Blue
  2. From Ireland
  3. "NO" to Obamacare
  4. NHS Meltdown: 25% of Hospitals Failing on Hygiene
  5. An example
  6. That Capitalism Thread
  7. God Bless America
  8. Ten Votes Away From Health Care Reform!
  9. A Smashing Start!
  10. What's an Hour or Two?
  11. Poll Vault
  12. Ann Coulter cancelled in Ottawa
  13. A Balanced View of Polls
  14. wow...I'm shocked
  15. Obama is the Antichrist
  16. Fidel Castro Loves ObamaCare
  17. It Doesn't Matter! Blame the U.S.!!!
  18. "YES" to Obamacare
  19. How about you read the healthcare bill before you fall in love with it.
  20. U.S., Russia reach new arms control deal
  21. The article that got David Frum fired
  22. Canada Was Wrong
  23. Wrong Direction
  24. Obama Spreading the Misery
  25. Smoke and Mirrors
  26. More Abuse
  27. Wrong Direction: The Sequel
  28. This has Gotta' Hurt
  29. Ironic Way to Go?
  30. At What Price, Bart?
  31. Looks like Sarah Palin's call to arms is working
  32. Uncle Jay Explains
  33. Stevie sticks to his guns
  34. Dead Marine's father ordered to pay protesters' legal costs
  35. Why Internet connections are fastest in South Korea
  36. "Boy, was that ever wrong"
  37. What happened to the "little ice age of 2010?
  38. Oh No!
  39. Another Crisis Averted
  40. Mama Liberal at it Again
  41. Condemned 'sorcerer' won't die Friday, lawyer says
  42. When Democrats Lead
  43. "Rock n Roll All Nite, and Promote Socialism Everyday!"
  44. From that Conservative Media Bastion known as ...
  45. RNC's bridge to conservatives on shaky ground?
  46. Feds found Pfizer too big to nail
  47. Eugene Terreblanche Killed
  48. Hutaree
  49. Only in Canada
  50. Unemployment benefits expire for thousands
  51. "Play Ball!"
  52. "Tea Party Members are Conservative Racists, Rightwing Republicans Who ..."
  53. latest wiki leaks video apache helicopter murdering civilians and journalists IRAQ
  54. Relax
  55. Well, at Least They Will be More Effective
  56. Stupak Caves
  57. Government responsibility for 29 dead miners!
  58. 33 states out of money to fund jobless benefits
  59. Polish president killed in plane crash
  60. Canada's annual seal hunt kicks off
  61. House of pain
  62. Schinner's rant
  63. China Rising: Assessing China's impact on America
  64. Deaths by suicide
  65. "And One More Thing, Stevey Boy..."
  66. Senators fight airlines over carry-on baggage fees
  67. British Piracy Bill is Now Law, CyberCops to Start Terminating Filesharers
  68. Stocks soar to major milestones
  69. Massive fireball reported across Midwestern sky
  70. SEC charges Goldman Sachs with fraud
  71. Intolerant Belgium
  72. Goodbye, Barack...We Hardly Knew Ye
  73. Goodbye, Barack...We Hardly Knew Ye
  74. Security Brief: Video shows Germans allegedly training with jihadists
  75. Promiscuous women cause earthquakes, Iran cleric says
  76. ACTA Draft: DRM Bypassing, Thought-Crime are Illegal, P2P Engine Development
  77. Um, Hans
  78. GG apologizes for Canada's inaction in Rwandan genocide
  79. Federal eHealth agency: goal not reachable in 2010
  80. Feds cherry-picking detainee documents: lawyer
  81. Searching for gold at the end of the Guatemalan rainbow
  82. Buyer's Remorse
  83. Climate scientist sues newspaper for 'poisoning' global warming debate
  84. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Leftwing of International Politics
  85. Satellites to issue speeding tickets from space
  86. Hundreds protest immigration law in Arizona
  87. China's voting power rises dramatically at World Bank
  88. Meanwhile, in the Old Country
  89. Granholm Continues to Embarrass Herself and the State
  90. Facebook, a political issue???
  91. Canadians live longer
  92. Iran - Championing Women's Rights now
  93. Belgium's lower house votes to ban burqa
  94. Why is the West in Afghanistan?
  95. Oil Spill: Rush Limbaugh's theory
  96. What'll they tax next?
  97. Protesters rally against Arizona law; congressman arrested in D.C.
  98. Western Civilization and Abortion
  99. Norway Builds the World's Most Humane Prison
  100. Florida State Senator Caught Viewing Topless Pic on Laptop by Camera
  101. Security Brief: Are the ****stani Taliban about to go global?
  102. Greek economic crisis
  103. What price oil?
  104. Look! A Unicorn!!
  105. a video worth watching
  106. Yet More about Global Warming
  107. Greece Considering Legal Action Against U.S. Banks for Crisis
  108. Transocean
  109. Federal official overseeing offshore oil development to retire early
  110. If Al Gore Speaks at Your Graduation
  111. Woody Allen, Political Philosopher for the Ages
  112. Financial Stuff
  113. New Tax Due to BP Oil Spill
  114. Better not have an accent in Arizona!
  115. From Hero to Zero
  116. I see Nothing..Nothing...
  117. Goodbye, Europe
  118. Canada's time to shine
  119. LOL
  120. Buh Bye Now
  121. So Just Think
  122. Obama Quote on BP Oil Spill
  123. The Ties that Bind
  124. Smokin' Hot
  125. Canada's New BFF
  126. Reality Hits Home
  127. An interesting e-mal this AM
  128. Gore and wife separating
  129. The Incredibly Inept Barack Obama
  130. Goldman Sachs Sold $250 Million of BP Stock Before Spill
  131. Another International Agency Fails
  132. A tale of two economies
  133. An Obama Media Ally
  134. Euro-oh
  135. Belgium Begins Descent
  136. U.S. Debt to Overtake GDP
  137. Socialized Medicine Strikes Again
  138. Inevitable
  139. It's Over
  140. Stupak
  141. Reality, Part II
  142. Incompetence
  143. "And then the pretty unicorn carried the fairy princess off into the setting suns ...
  144. Once more, where WAS Obama born?
  145. Bushisms
  146. U.S. Discovers $1T USD Worth of Lithium, Other Mineral Deposits in Afghanistan
  147. US style health care must be the answer!
  148. Canada among least exposed to fiscal shocks
  149. Tolerant
  150. Poutine Nation
  151. What a Bunch of Crap
  152. Lawmaker tells BP chief to 'commit hara-kiri'
  153. Obama Continues Free-Fall
  154. Holmoka And A Pardon ?????
  155. The Break-up Continues
  156. Lovely
  157. Shocker
  158. HST & Buying a used car privately
  159. Rail Blockade!
  160. U.K. VAT Increased to 20%
  161. Petraeus to Modify Afghanistan Rules of Engagement
  162. Homeland Absurdity
  163. Oil spill, regulation hinders recovery effort
  164. Obama: Very Difficult Choices Ahead on Deficits
  165. Pope deplores abuse raid on Belgium church HQ
  166. A big step backwards in American society
  167. A Democrat Legend Dies
  168. The Next Supreme Court Justice
  169. How Iran lost its democracy
  170. Pelosi: Unemployment checks fastest way to create jobs
  171. Hurricane Warning
  172. Is Broadband Internet Access a Human Right?
  173. To Brighten Your Day!
  174. No Doubt Due to Racism
  175. What is NASA?
  176. Traficant’s comeback bid halted
  177. Police probe Belgian cardinal over abuse cover-up allegations
  178. How is O Doing in the Arab World?
  179. TSA To Block "Controversial Opinion" on Web
  180. "Climategate" is the lie!
  181. Anyone Surprised?
  182. Nice
  183. Time
  184. Wars in Context
  185. Eating Their Own
  186. This week in Canada's History: 1812 - North America's Role in the Napoleonic War
  187. BP may face probe over bomber's release
  188. An excellent OpEd about Khadr
  189. US credit rating downgraded - by China!
  190. Look Who is Slamming Canada
  191. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
  192. A Terrorist's Dream Come True
  193. Toronto = failure
  194. A Tale of Two Economies Part 2
  195. Interesting Sign
  196. BP and Libya
  197. Oh Canada
  198. Geez, Thanks
  199. Incompetence
  200. Oh, the irony!
  201. Where's the Outrage??
  202. Banned
  203. Law Remakes U.S. Financial Landscape
  204. The Insanity of Canada's Judicial System
  205. Denial
  206. Andy brings Porter Air to Sault , hahahahahaha
  207. Warmest June on record globally
  208. Hide the Decline
  209. What Leftwing Media Bias??
  210. In California, 3 who drew high salaries resign from posts
  211. Obama's Teleprompter
  212. Whooops!
  213. Too fat for health care?
  214. Wikiileaks
  215. Well, That Was Quick!!
  216. 2009 - 2010 severe winter - not evidence for climate change denial
  217. "Universal" Healthcare Exposed
  218. Port Chester NY Gives Latinos 6 Votes Per Person
  219. Because They Have a Lot More to Swear About
  220. Report: Health care failing to meet needs of Canadians
  221. Meanwhile...
  222. Khadr
  223. Press Secretary Gibbs
  224. Obama's Economy and Canada's Dollar
  225. Veterans wanted dead, not alive
  226. The China Myth
  227. Of All Sources!
  228. WikiLeaks, the New Favorite Site of the Left
  229. Fox News shareholder funded ‘Ground Zero mosque’ Imam
  230. He He He
  231. Boycott The Gap
  232. Meltdown of the climate 'consensus'
  233. Tea Party, Northern Style
  234. The More Things Change ...
  235. Disgusting!!
  236. Taxpayers to Bailout Afghan bank?
  237. Panic
  238. More than 400 US Banks Will Fail: Roubini
  239. Help me design a better political system
  240. New study slashes estimate of icecap loss
  241. Capitalism at its finest
  242. U.S. circuit court rules against illegal immigration laws
  243. Pandora's box has been opened - the insainty has begun
  244. I wonder who the editor will be voting for?
  245. Michael Moore on the "mosque"
  246. Vote Republican...
  247. Gun registry
  248. The Utah Oil Sands Project
  249. Coincidence?
  250. And it Changes Again