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  1. So..........
  2. Anti-gay stance hits YouTube
  3. Make Carbon Output Zero
  4. Smog rule tightened; 345 counties fail
  5. House debates surveillance bill in secret session
  6. Well Alrighty Then!
  7. Turn Oooot the Lights
  8. I Win!!
  9. You say Goodbye, I Say Hello
  10. Cat more articulate than.....................
  11. No comment necessary
  12. Wall Street fears for next Great Depression
  13. A desperate move by the Fed
  14. An interesting quote
  15. America Was Conned
  16. The burning question... Is the recession official
  17. So I'm Gone for Five Days...
  18. Nation of Chicken Littles
  19. Ooooops!
  21. How the war has caused the economic crisis
  22. A Petition Worth Signing
  23. As the Democrats Eat Their Own...
  24. Spitzer/corruption/Bush
  25. NOT a Serious Country!
  26. "I See Nothing!!"
  27. "So this seal walks into a club..."
  28. Something to Warm-Up To
  29. cheney on tour, when will the missiles fly
  30. Is It Sinking In Yet?
  31. What too many are afraid of!!
  32. Good News for Hans!!
  33. 'Free Speech' a Thing of the Past in Canada
  34. From the Party That Told Us Every Vote Must Count
  35. End of 'Obamanation'?
  36. Dems Falling Like Dominoes
  37. Rich Get Richer
  38. Another Clinton Caught in a Lie
  39. One Day
  40. Hold the Hysteria
  41. Climate change shatters huge ice shelf
  42. Who's More Compassionate?
  43. Global Warming or Climate Change
  44. Its COMING/IRAN/Military buildup/ships/BOMB
  45. Where Have All The Leaders Gone???????
  46. Is It Sinking In Yet (Part Deux)
  47. A new 9-11 Investigation Needed like now!
  48. The real threat to world peace
  49. Toronto 18
  50. The Dems Just Keep On...err...'Truck'in
  51. Babies Are a "Punishment"
  52. 'Charitable' Clintons
  53. More Global 'Warming'
  54. Another Clinton Lie
  55. Not Good News for our Resident Chicken Littles
  56. Global Warming Will Make Us Cannibals
  57. Olympic Torch??
  58. Pope Infuriates bin Laden
  59. The Abu Ghraib and Iraq the Left Ignores
  60. Bush’s Place in History: Last
  61. Buying from the K-Mart of Countries
  62. Israel,US,and Canada/Boycott
  63. 9-11 Summary!
  64. canada;s anticruelty bill
  65. Crime Alive and Well
  66. Quote About the President
  67. Got to love the Net...Tibet and China
  68. Global Warming Advocates Going Too Far Again
  69. A Canadian Gets It Right
  70. Only in America
  71. Only in Canada
  72. Happy Earth Day
  73. Green(Politics)Peace
  74. Truth Seeps Out
  75. ****stan prisoner release to win over militants
  76. One Day They Shall Emerge Again, Said Hitler
  77. The trillion-dollar mortgage time bomb
  78. people fall through the cracks
  79. Where is that Over Weight RWGR?
  80. Aboriginal Standoff??
  81. NASA Goes All Out
  82. Barry!!! Barry!!!!!!!!!!!
  83. Victory!
  84. Dying for lack of insurance
  85. Canada Drops the Ball
  87. Good old days
  88. U.S. is a suicidal superpower
  89. To busy fighting wars
  90. Is Ontario heading towards have-not status?
  91. U.S. troop deaths reach seven-month high in Iraq
  92. GM loses $3.3-billion
  93. Ontario moving forward to ban smoking in cars
  94. Iran dumps U.S. dollar for oil trades
  95. Coffee is now being served/Shadowjak
  96. We Beat You Again!
  97. "Who Cares? We're Making Money!"
  98. The Global Question: Who Needs the U.S.?
  99. Chicago violence 'out of control'
  100. U.S. terror report cites Venezuela, Iran
  101. what else is kept secret?
  102. U.S. West Coast ports on strike over Iraq war
  103. Bush sets some new standards
  104. Hans??? K Dawg???
  105. More UN Corruption
  106. Common Sense Returning to Europe?
  107. Global Warming on Hiatus
  108. Stillborn
  109. Made In...China??
  110. Bad Reputation
  111. Legacy of Shame
  112. Man CAN Survive on Beer Alone!
  113. Make Me Some Waffles...NOW!!!
  114. Inmates in two states have dates with executioner
  115. Wife convicted after husband fatally shoots lover
  116. Smart criminals
  117. Education system
  118. Only in America
  120. US VS Europe, a view
  121. Docs list who would be allowed to die
  122. The Former Memorial Gardens Plus More
  123. That's what he says now
  124. Canada under investigation by Kyoto committee
  125. U.S. military judge threatens to suspend trial
  126. CNQ profit surges 170 per cent
  127. Wait times for chemo unchanged despite spending
  128. Archive.org Defeats National Security Letter
  129. Jobless rate rises to 6.1 per cent in April
  130. United Nations to resume aid shipments to Burma
  131. Gunmen seize control of Beirut neighbourhoods
  132. Oldest gorilla in captivity turns 55 at Dallas Zoo
  133. A celebration of almost-great American men
  134. Bill makes poverty reduction foreign aid priority
  135. We are not changing the carbon tax. No
  136. Is It Time to Invade Burma?
  137. Provinces trying out physician assistants
  138. Natural health products facing tighter regulation
  139. The Day the People Lost Power
  140. The Pendelum Swings
  141. Martin get 50 jobs
  142. Former Soo-Ite Speaks Out
  143. Polar Bears to be replaced by Squirrels
  144. This is weird
  145. No, this is wierd!
  146. oil specualtion how do we fix it
  147. Doom n Gloomers at it Again
  148. Global Warming Crowd Flirts with Lunacy
  149. Question
  150. An Inconvenient Truth
  151. Unsettling
  152. U.S. House passes bill to sue OPEC over oil prices
  153. Stocks tumble on inflation fears
  154. Dollar rises after StatsCan inflation rate report
  155. Harper announces changes to Canadian food label la
  156. Belgium's Gift to Mankind
  157. Sounds familiar
  158. UK Government Wants Citizens' Web, Phone, E-mail
  159. This is what you have to do with private HC
  160. Unsold homes in U.S. at more than 20-year high
  161. Supreme Court ruling a partial win for Omar Khadr
  162. Stocks tank on oil, housing report
  163. Is Clinton Insane?
  164. Climate Change
  165. Mars Probe Landed.
  166. frigen liberal hippies
  167. Israel 'has 150 nuclear weapons' Jimmy Carter
  168. If Americans only knew
  169. So.. who supports America in Iraq?
  170. George Bush's Palace
  171. Oil trading probe may uncover manipulation
  172. U.S troops vs. Saddam
  173. Forget Talk Of A U.S. Recession, What About Canada
  174. Leading world to recession nothing to be proud of
  175. Kyoto Crock
  176. "To Hell With Them!!"
  177. A Tale of Two Countries
  178. Hey Wingy
  179. topsail island leash free park
  180. Only in the US!
  181. Canadian and U.S. Militaries Sign Pact
  182. Tony's having another meeting,Tony's Meetings
  183. Costly oil could mean recession
  184. Obama is IT!!
  185. Cell phone users secretly tracked in study
  186. Plan to save whales
  187. Canada's deadly tongue trap
  188. America for sale
  189. Global Warming Nuts Move Closer to Edge
  190. Poland to provide Canadians with two helicopters
  191. Land of the Free
  192. "You Go Home Now!"
  193. Stephan Harper Apology does not represent us ALL!
  194. Dang, its hot
  195. Canadian Mythys Shattering at Record Pace
  196. Beyond Belief
  198. Canada, Colombia reach agreement on free trade
  199. Is this what he meant by "backwards"?
  200. Wingy's favourite book
  201. What will an Obama Presidency Look Like?
  202. Is This from MAD Magazine???
  203. Losing Ground
  204. Oil Use per Day
  205. RIGGS
  206. ...and the site goes silent
  207. Be a Patriot..do your duty to those murdered!
  208. Why are all threads...
  209. Gitmo detainees can challenge detention
  210. The movie clip was real afterall
  211. Your Weekend Reading
  212. Errrr....
  213. Mortgage rates at 8-month high
  214. "Somebody get me a doctor!"
  215. Truth Hurts
  216. The Sale of the USA
  217. The persecution of Mark Steyn...
  218. Jail Break
  219. Compassionate, Peaceful People
  220. Tax Freedom Day
  221. Ireland Grows a Set
  222. A year under Hamas: Gaza safer
  223. Caution..Graphic pics!
  224. Swiss largest Newspaper suspects..
  226. "Gay" Adoption Rights -- Blasphemy in Action?
  227. Chevron CEO: Market, not greed, driving gas prices
  228. What would be your ideal country to live in
  229. Do As I Say, Not As I Do
  230. Canada's Slippery Slope
  231. hmm thermite
  232. obama crack and gay sex party?
  233. Ministry of Truth
  234. Susan Myers
  235. Legalize Drugs??
  236. America In Recession
  237. Canada's oil wealth strategy questioned
  238. House Passes Telecom Immunity Bill
  239. Teen Faces 38 Years in Prison For Hacking
  240. George Bush's Speech discussing Global Warming
  241. Most Britons doubt cause of climate change
  242. History will say ...
  243. Feminization of Canada Continues
  244. Have faith in Middle America
  245. Hans and DQ discuss hippies
  246. Centre in B.C. tagged with anti-Semitic graffiti
  247. Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill Fine Reduced To $500M
  248. U.S. mayors call for boycott of Alberta oilsands
  249. Gov't surpluses reached $28B last year: StatsCan
  250. Moderator..R&R..