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  1. Is America on the verge of a crisis?
  2. "Speaking Truth to Power"
  3. While the "Lemmings Sleep"
  4. Another "Annomoly"/Bush
  5. Brain Storm Surge
  6. The "Dark Side."
  7. Trillions/Missing?
  8. Two Cheeks of the same ""
  9. Iraq/A 27 yr window to realize target!
  10. NY/Slaughter/Iraq/Criminal
  11. Way-ward Thinking: Short of IntelligenT!
  12. The Tears for the "Innocent"
  13. Bush Upset?
  14. Happy Birthday!
  15. Truth to Power!
  16. 10 MIL, canada pays for USA torture parade
  17. Barrack, This is For You!!
  18. guantanamo prison
  19. jewish slaves helped build Bush nestegg
  20. Tricky ****y
  21. President Bush, Need a laugh?
  22. The Department of Homeland Security
  23. Separation of powers
  24. The Joke that is Al Gore
  25. Terror Plot Involves Islamic Extremists
  26. Well, So Much For That Theory
  27. European Arrest Warrant
  28. lol afghanistan more killed by usa than taliban
  29. Bless the Beasts and Children
  30. Anti-Hate Speech Law
  31. I just realized we are all going to die anyways
  32. Huh???
  33. The Belgium Thread
  34. Does Mexico have it's own brand of trucks?
  35. The Green Party
  36. Disappearing Borders
  37. Country Gone to Pot
  38. How to avoid a Supreme Court Ruling
  39. In Iraq's Shiite south, warlords slug it out
  40. Do they ever learn?
  41. France to sell anti-tank missiles to Libya
  42. This is an Outrage!!!
  43. Extreme weather has plagued the globe this year
  44. New lock??????
  45. Woman for President or Prime Minister
  46. Those in Glass Houses...
  47. Man am I sorry to have visted You Tube today.
  48. 1+1=3
  49. Climate change challenging gardeners
  50. Privacy not so private anymore
  51. Man Sues McDonald's After Allergic Reaction
  52. Truth
  53. Defending our freedom
  54. Confessions of a BBC Liberal
  55. Where is it Speedy?
  56. It's Hot Out!
  57. US Naval Intelligence
  58. New military recruitment options
  59. European Union on Higher Alert
  60. Global Warming Is Real!
  61. War with Iran
  62. More Proof Wikipedia is a Joke
  63. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk Canada
  64. The ten most generous countries are all in Europe.
  65. Which country is the biggest user of Cocaine?
  66. Big Brother
  67. Jury finds Padilla guilty on terror charges
  68. Coalition death toll in Iraq hits 4,000
  69. Poll: Bush, Democratic Congress both failures
  70. Travelocity fined for Cuba trips
  71. Experts: Pedophile blogger tiptoes around law
  72. David Onley Ontario's new lieutenant Governor
  73. Not like in the good old days
  74. Arctic sea ice expected to hit record low
  75. U.S. officials rethink hopes for Iraq democracy
  76. Bush invokes 'tragedy of Vietnam' against Iraq
  77. News From Across the Pond
  78. I'm Back
  79. Cuba Crisis
  80. Why Bush Won't Ax Gonzales
  81. Should US use nuclear or coal power?
  82. Speedy, you did ask. LOL
  83. Vancouver more liveable than Algiers
  84. Interview with Spy Chief Reveals Details About FIS
  85. Uh Oh, Doom n Gloomers
  86. Ted Nugent Goes Haywire
  87. Progress in Iraq
  88. How many
  89. "Israel Out of Gaza Now!!!"
  90. No Scientific Consensus on Global Warming
  91. New voting system.
  92. It's Bush's Fault
  93. No Surprise
  94. North Korea
  95. The Middle Ages were Democratic???
  96. No Fly
  97. Green party "BIG MEETING"
  98. little help?
  99. Opinion poll - electoral systems
  101. Ethiopia says it detained U.S. troops
  102. But...I thought Europe was better than this...
  103. Canadian Air Force
  104. Ontario Referendum on Electoral Reform............
  105. Bad News
  106. Iraq brain injuries challenge troops, doctors
  107. Thousands flout ban to see 'forbidden treasure' o
  108. Mayors, legislators arrested in New Jersey corrup
  109. Insignificant Country Update
  110. Show Me the Money!
  111. More Leftist Hollywood Class
  112. Speedy's Sister
  113. For Hans, and Other Like-Minded People
  114. United Nations Vote for Native Rights...
  115. For Speedy, and Other Like-Minded People
  116. SAD
  117. Ode to Speedy
  118. Kind of Says It All, EH???
  119. Why clean it up, just sweep it under a rug
  120. U.S. dollar hit new record low against euro
  121. Ontario Referendum Question - What?
  122. The Economy is Going in the Tank
  123. The Country is Coming Apart at the Seams
  125. I find this odd Mr. America
  126. A Canadian's Take on Hillary's Healthcare Plan
  127. Mattel apologizes to China for toy recalls
  128. 'Bridge to nowhere' abandoned
  129. 'God' responds to legislator's lawsuit
  130. US health care, truly free and superior
  131. It's All Abooot Us!
  132. Viva La Welfare State!
  133. Rising seas will flood historic sites
  134. Let's apologize to China again
  135. Truth abour Iraq war starts to surface
  136. Iraq war to cost $200 Billion in 2008
  137. Canadians are not the only ones drinking beer
  138. Hail to the Chief!
  139. "Free Healthcare"
  140. Homeland Security computers hacked
  141. New iranian sanctions
  142. Shhhhhh...
  143. Home sales thud to 5-year low point
  144. I'll type this slow, so Americans can read it too!
  145. Day 4: Dollar dips to new low against euro
  146. New Lincoln penny images spark debate
  147. Inside NRG's new nuke thinking
  148. Taxes in US, some facts
  149. US health care at it's best
  150. Negative election campaigns
  151. Why?
  152. Canadian Myth Number 1,887 Demolished
  153. Insignificant Country Update
  154. Big Brother is Watching You, Ol' Chap
  155. Hockey isn't Canada's game, after all
  156. I support the U.S. on this decision
  157. Great Idea!
  158. Be proud of this United States - Iraq Body Count
  159. when you vote....
  160. Life in a totalitarian state?
  161. DEBATE: Is the US the most benign superpower ever?
  162. Doctor Shortage
  163. Immigration procedures
  164. Political Correctness Runs Amok
  165. 1 million without a GP
  166. Jury weighs $200M fast-food strip search suit
  167. Lawmaker shows naked woman during school lecture
  168. Woman Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted By Devil
  169. True North, Weak, and Not Very Free
  170. Canada’s working families losing out
  171. Keep Going, Loonie!
  172. To Laugh or Cry?
  173. Failing American Education
  174. Are Americans too lazy?
  175. Poverty right below us!
  176. Prisoners among us!
  177. How smart are the people leading the USA?
  178. Voting Registration
  179. Happy Thanksgiving
  180. Join me for a beer?
  181. Happy Columbus Found Haiti Day
  182. Is Cheney Betting on Economic Collapse?
  183. Uh Oh!
  184. Canary in a coal mine
  185. Ten Years Ago
  186. Modern-Day Country?
  187. Speedy's Obession with Canada and Belgium
  188. Just because. Oct 10th
  189. MMP? BE HEARD!
  190. Eat More Kangaroos to Fight Global Warming
  191. HAMPTON & HIS Now Dead Party
  193. Soonet's Obsession With Speedy
  194. Arkansas law allows babies to marry
  195. Alleged killer fled to French territory
  196. Woman Broke Knee After Slipping On Puddle
  197. Vt. Law Firm Accuses Government Of Wiretapping
  198. Gore shares Nobel Peace Prize with U.N. panel
  199. Turkey 'accepts invasion fallout'
  200. Insignificant Country Update
  201. Good old times
  202. Internet Friendships
  203. Israeli airstrike targeted Syrian nuclear reactor
  204. First you control the.......
  205. Canada's dollar predicted to hit $1.05 USD
  206. whao are we going to vote for now?
  207. Very Scary
  208. Time for the establishment of a Palestinian state
  209. Quote
  210. "There's No Place Like Home"
  212. 'Cough, cough, hack, hack'
  213. Wait Your Turn
  214. Verizon offers details on records releases
  215. 60 grams of fat for breakfast
  216. Surgeon General Issues National Call to Action
  217. Airline workers charged with drug trafficking
  218. Big Brother's Not Just Watching You
  220. duplicate post never mind
  221. An "I Told You So" Moment
  222. Pow!
  223. Well, That Was Quick!
  224. Bashin' Belgium
  225. Speedy Wins
  226. Speedy Loses
  227. Murder trial halted over lack of money
  228. Jolly Good Show, Ol' Chap!
  229. "Sir You Thank, Have I May Another?!"
  230. Speedy, can you explain SCHIP again?
  231. The War on Drugs - European vs. US approaches
  232. U.S. Dollar Overvalued
  233. Tony doesn't like the Throne Speach
  234. This is Just 'Loony'!
  235. Shocking!
  236. This is Just 'Torture'
  237. Leave the Rest Behind
  238. Tea and Crumpets...and Twinkies...and Donuts...
  239. Great Video! (Warning: Graphic Language)
  240. Bad News, Folks
  241. When the U.S. Sneezes, Canada Catches Cold (not)
  242. Everybody Post...
  243. Soooo....
  244. Tony's biggest day "OH BOY"
  245. Snivel,snivel ,whine, whine
  246. Hocus Pocus
  247. International Black Eye
  248. Anyone Remember Belgium?
  249. No Room at the 'Inn'
  250. Might As Well Have a Sense of Humour!