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  1. Who and what is God.
  2. Soul
  3. Hinduism
  4. Interpretation
  5. Four Isms
  6. Archaeological discovery in Jerusalem
  7. Existentialism And Humanism
  8. What if...
  9. Augurs and Augury
  10. Intersting Church History documents
  11. Make Sense?
  12. Welcome Home
  13. The Devil is in the Vatican
  14. Vatican fights to distance Pope from abuse scandals
  15. Welcome Home, part II
  16. "Praise the (hic) the...(hic) lord"
  17. "Because the Bible Says So!"
  18. Vatican exorcist: Pedophiles tempted by Satan, not possessed
  19. Mapping Religion
  20. Son of Hamas
  21. Snail snot a sacrament??
  22. Science - a History of Bad Ideas
  23. Can the Book of Revelation be fully understood?
  24. Michael Coren
  25. The Quote of the Year
  26. An Open Letter to the Pope
  27. The Cover Up is Failing
  28. The Event We Have Been Waiting For
  29. Hans Kung
  30. A War You Can't Win
  31. Context
  32. Pope in poop?
  33. Abuse
  34. That Dreaded Context thing Again
  35. A Response to the New York Times
  36. More Dreaded Context
  37. Armageddon
  38. What Does the Protestant View of Revelation Get You?
  39. The Catholic Church strikes again
  40. "As a Protestant, I refuse to throw self-righteous stones against Catholics"
  41. Becoming CatholicóReflections Of A Former United Methodist Clergywoman
  42. Your Buddy is Back!
  43. Should pope have to answer church sex abuse questions under oath?
  44. Don't Look Now ...
  45. Cuba asks churches for help?
  46. And so it Begins ...
  47. When Atheists are used to prove miracles happen
  48. Hear the ancient cry...
  49. Is This Really The Pope's Stand on Pedophelia?
  50. Time to Get Creative
  51. A Sane Voice on Obama Care
  52. they are not the victims
  53. signs of the times
  54. I love the smell of fossil in the morning!
  55. Clericalism and its discontents
  56. Easter trend: Catholic, Orthodox conversions
  57. Can't have it both ways
  58. Study: U.S. still a church-going nation
  59. George Mueller - A Well Documented Story of Faith
  60. A pal for Pat Robertson??
  61. Are the New Testament documents reliable?
  62. Christian Hockey Stars
  63. Oh No, More Context
  64. You Know Why This Happens?
  65. Anti-Catholicism, Again
  66. studio 10
  67. Yet More Context
  68. A Protestant Disgrace
  69. Was Jesus born after the Aboriginals were already hunting up North??
  70. If the government has no business in my bedroom...
  71. Man claims he hasn't eaten in 70 years
  72. Oh No ...
  73. It's getting dangerous out there for Free Speech
  74. Glass Houses
  75. Babies and the Question of Morality
  76. Account of a conversion
  77. On a positive note,
  78. TELL me about my beliefs!!!
  79. Submission
  80. What is Wrong with the Evanglical Church Today??
  81. Evangelical christian fundies are taking over!!!
  82. We should not exist
  83. Jehovah Witness
  84. WHat you DID NOT hear aboiyut those kidnappin' Baptists in Haiti
  85. Have Protestants Turned Communion into 'Cheap Grace?'
  86. The best church sign ever
  87. Buddy, can you spare a dime?
  88. Well, Protestants, It's Not Like You Weren't Warned
  89. On the Cusp
  90. Taking Responsibility the Vatican Way
  91. Do we just go on??
  92. SB was askin about litigation of clergy
  93. Protestant Churches Cross the Politcal Line
  94. There's Always McDonald's
  95. What is the Gospel?
  96. Porn and the addiction factor
  97. How DO you get to Heaven
  98. Protestants repent for churches' role in oppressing First Nations
  99. Christopher Hitchens to undergo chemotherapy
  100. Church Office Failed to Act on Abuse Scandal
  101. restorative justice
  102. "Honour killing"
  103. Protestantism Helps Radical Islam
  104. NY Times trying to discredit Church using sex abuse
  105. Protestant Abuse
  106. Canadian Protestant Churches More dangerous for Women than Workplace
  107. Watch these videos
  108. Where did all the Presbyterians go?
  109. Athesim Inexorably Linked to Murder
  110. Sola Scriptura's Greatest Hits, Vol 4
  111. Collapse
  112. When?
  113. Georgia claims it has world's oldest person, 130
  114. Trouble
  115. The Slippery Slope Gets Greased
  116. Who Am I??
  117. Protestant Decline
  118. It's happening again
  119. The Decline Continues
  120. An interesting "Family Tree"
  121. German protestant bishop steps down over abuse report
  122. Chinese Turning to Religion
  123. Are Religious People Stupid?
  124. An Interesting Analysis of American Protestantism
  125. Russian cleric praises Pope Benedict, slams Protestants
  126. spirit is here in our midst
  127. The Move Back to Rome Continues
  128. Wilberforce a Hypocrite?
  129. Protestant Burnout
  130. John the Baptist Found?
  131. The Moral Dilemma of Agnosticism
  132. Just a Concidence, I'm Sure
  133. First for everything
  134. Guess we need...
  135. Ravens Of Sacred Education
  136. Learn Something New
  137. Co-Exist
  138. The Crusades
  139. Free Will Again.
  140. Just got this note
  141. James J. Lee, Hostage-taker and Darwinist
  142. Hawkings theory - God is dead?
  143. U.S. Most Religious of Rich Countries
  144. Cautious Reflections on Hell
  145. And how do we all feel about religious freedom now?
  146. Old Christ
  147. Wiccan/paganism in the news
  148. Anyone read this lady or see her on TV?
  149. New Job???
  150. Here Come the Horsemen!
  151. I never knew that!
  152. US judge asks Vatican to serve court paper to pope
  153. Double-Standard
  154. Scott Hahn Audio
  155. Here's a legal twist to abortion -surrogate mothers
  156. What the Bible says about assurance
  157. Dog says Grace at mealtime
  158. The Opiate of Non-Religious Masses
  159. Healing Circle, begins this Nov.
  160. Christians are 'jerks'
  161. "Earthquake"
  162. Is Homer REALLY Catholic?
  163. More Protestant Abuse
  164. Even More Protestant Abuse
  165. Yet More Protestant Abuse
  166. Christians, Pagans Compete (Gently) For Salem's Souls...
  167. Another Protestant Myth Disintegrates
  168. Conversion Diary
  169. Churches Closing
  170. One Goin' Up, One Goin' Down
  171. 11 Fall From Window of Building in Paris Suburb
  172. Protestant Minister on Trial
  173. Priesthood of believers
  174. Reformation Day
  175. The Reformation Need Catholicism
  176. Thanks! I needed that! A classic.
  177. God Hates Figs
  178. Very religious Americans have higher levels of well-being
  179. What does spiritual mean to you?
  180. The Vatican and Aliens
  181. Made my day watching this
  182. And So it Continues
  183. The Resurrection of Jesus
  184. Sufficiency of Scriptures
  185. THIS is What Protestantism Produces
  186. SS
  187. James Akin, former minister of the Presbyterian Church
  188. 20%
  189. Does strong religious belief provide an evolutionary advantage?
  190. SS, part 2
  191. New Atheists on the largest Offensive ever
  192. Deepak Chopra Gets Owned
  193. Doing What Atheists, Agnostics, and Liberal Christians Won't Do
  194. Flash mob sings Handel's Hallelujah CHorus
  195. This is One of the Reasons...
  196. The Vatican and Aliens: The Movie
  197. Pope Says Condoms Okay...Sometimes
  198. Are our laws based on religious morality?
  199. Fitting, No?
  200. After the Storm...
  201. Cardinal sins
  202. Not a Cardinal Sin
  203. It's the Cover-Up That Makes it Especially Bad
  204. Papal perfection?
  205. A Call To Spiritual Arms
  206. Martin Luther's conversion experience
  207. Who Says Lefties Aren't Religious?
  208. I Thought...
  209. Sola Scriptura and Literacy
  210. Who's a Christian?
  211. Vatican banking scandle
  212. The Fear of Christmas
  213. Same sex unions?
  214. Lacking a philosphy section, I will post here..
  215. But...How...Wha ...???
  216. A Protestant Reflects on Rome
  217. The digital story of the nativity
  218. Pre-Millenial View of the Last Days
  219. Evolution AND Creationism-which are you?
  220. just experienced a paradoxic thought...
  221. Three part question....
  222. Blunt's Signature
  223. Ex-Protestant Pators Debunk Sola Scriptura
  224. A Joke or....
  225. Questions for Dr. Laura Schlesinger
  226. Original Church
  227. Merry Christmas
  228. Contemplating the Christmas Story
  229. If Christians Were Treated Like Muslims
  230. Dallas pastor accused in Oak Cliff burglary maintains innocence
  231. Protestant Tolerance
  232. Questions, Questions, Questions
  233. Why Gays and Lesbians Should Never Argue Scripture
  234. What about Israel?
  235. On the lighter side
  236. Daily Bible Reading Schedule?
  237. More Irony, or Concidence, I Suppose
  238. How NOT to oppose atheism
  239. Where's the Media?
  240. Pope says god was behing the big bang... your thoughts please....
  241. A pastor who's doing it right
  242. Common Religious Misconceptions
  243. Behead democracy
  244. R W G R's new signature
  245. quantum weirdness and God
  246. Religious beliefs run amok
  247. Guns and Religion
  248. MSM blows it again
  249. This was really really bad
  250. Christendom's Last Breaths