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  1. This may generate some interesting discussion
  2. Another joke.
  3. Gideon Bible Ban Sparks Torrent Of Hate Mail
  4. Religion And Atheists
  5. "church ends up affirming us rather than challenging our consciences"
  6. Judge not??
  7. Watch The Lamb
  8. Thank the Reformation
  9. Religious belief reduced by analytical thinking: study
  10. Agree or disagree
  11. The Down Side of Cohabitation
  12. Why Can't I Own a Canadian?
  13. Why the Future Will Be More Religious and More Conservative Than You Think
  14. CS Lewis' Evolutionary Hymn
  15. Bishops: Canadians experience 'worrisome erosion' of religious rights
  16. They won't be Protestants
  17. Gender 're-assignment'
  18. Those Pesky Iranians
  19. Mayan Calander
  20. The butler did it.
  21. Show Me Where I am Wrong
  22. Make it Up as They Go
  23. Staunch Protestant woman, 71, investigated for care home abuse
  24. Jury Holds Baptist State Convention Liable for Pastor’s Sexual Abuse
  25. Churches shift positions on abortion
  26. Cover Up???
  27. A Bridge Between Two Worlds
  28. Why didn't George admit that....
  29. What do you make of this?
  30. Editor grows up - expresses regret over porn
  31. Cell phone warning
  32. Meeting Place
  33. I love this story!!!
  34. Vatican gets Fox media adviser
  35. Interesting study on children of GLBT parents
  36. Adultery can be harmful to your health
  37. Gay rights icon arrested on child porn charges
  38. Miracles
  39. What Does It Actually Mean?
  40. This is what happens
  41. Something for both Christians and non-Christians to chew on
  42. New study shows religion on the decline all over the world
  43. Taking faith to a whole 'nother level!
  44. Now This is Leadership!
  45. The United Church of Canada is On a Roll!
  46. Let's see what a stellar catholic scholar has to say about child abuse.
  47. Anglican Church sells their soul to Hollywood, ....
  48. The Bible: DEEP!!
  49. Strange
  50. Should our schools have Muslim prayer rooms?
  51. Outcomes of the Privately Educated
  52. Fact checker
  53. No respect for Christians
  54. What I Believe
  55. Past Life Experiences
  56. What's the point?
  57. NDE yet again
  58. For those following evo news
  59. Winnipeg police chief
  60. DArwinism is coming down
  61. A woman walks into a babrbershop...
  62. Yuletide Tea & Bazaar
  63. Husband wants answers over wife whose death sparked abortion debate
  64. Pat Robertson Disputes 6000 Year Old Earth
  65. to grow or not to grow, wwjd?
  66. Chrisopher Hitchens understood what he rejected
  67. Question regarding forgiveness
  68. ...Bid the geldings be fruitful
  69. Tweet from Westboro Baptist
  70. Religion Poll in Canada
  71. Christmas wishes
  72. Abortion: a free kindle book
  73. Spiritual but nor religious
  74. World religions
  75. Lawyers for Catholic hospital argue that a fetus is not a person
  76. Pope resigns -historic
  77. Vatican refutes infallible Pope Francis: Atheists still going to hell
  78. An Interesting Question
  79. Post-Christian Canada
  80. Secularist Re-Writing of 'Middle Ages' Takes a Hit
  81. Too Casual for Church
  82. Common Fault Lines in Maintaining an Evangelical Approach to Homosexuality
  83. A Lament for Skepticism
  84. Today's Atheists are Shallow
  85. Attention all YECers
  86. McLeans article on NDE
  87. Islam: "The Religion of Peace"
  88. I like this guy
  89. Tweets and Purgatory
  90. The Splitting Continues
  91. Foundations of Sand
  92. When Do Protestants Ignore Millions of Young People Hearing About Jesus?
  93. Archaeologist Claims Piece of Jesus' Cross Found at Ancient Church in Turkey
  94. This Should Be Interesting
  95. Religion and IQ
  96. Islam:the Religion of Peace
  97. The tolerant and compassionate North....
  98. Gene Simmons Defends Tebow and Christianity
  99. Pope Francis: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven
  100. This Could Change Things
  101. Paul Prather: It's not an auspicious time to be in the Protestant religion trade
  102. Did Pope Francis say atheists don’t need to believe in God to be saved?
  103. As Christians Rise or Fall, So Do 100 Country Credit Ratings
  104. Compassionate, kind, and understanding....
  105. The Whole Phil Robertson Thing
  106. What Global Warming Boils Down To -
  107. This Will Add a Lot of Character to the State Capitol
  108. Church-goers are less likely to shoplift, take drugs and download music illegally
  109. How Old is the Earth
  110. Islam and the Temple
  111. A Surprising Study
  112. The Meaning of Life
  113. Devastating Arguments Against Christianity
  114. Bono on the difference between Grace and Karma
  115. Jesus as a Teenager
  116. UN Takes on The Vatican
  117. The Lesbian and the Prom
  118. Sexual abuse allegations give pause
  119. Protestants ‘Worse’ Than Catholics On Abuse
  120. And The Camel They Rode In On!
  121. When Faith and Reality Clash
  122. Former Lesbian activist tells her story
  123. The Atheist who Became a Christian
  124. A Pastor finds Atheism.
  125. Bluesky?
  126. Hollywood and The Bible
  127. Do Christians sin less than non-Christians?
  128. Major policy change at Kings College
  129. The Resurrection (after all, it's Easter!)
  130. Enoch
  131. Science and Faith
  132. The Jesus had a wife thing...
  133. Whither Protestantism?
  134. Are the gospels mythical?
  135. Creation of life
  136. News?
  137. Mother nature's preference?
  138. The Pope and The Devil
  139. Protestant Church Faces New Sex-Abuse Scandal as Victims Defy Threats
  140. How did Jesus know he was the son of God?
  141. After Adam and Eve, before Jesus
  142. Myths about Marriage
  143. Food for thought
  144. Reformation Reconsidered
  145. Religion of Tolerance and Peace
  146. May was a busy month,
  147. Harper Throwing 'God' Around Causes Buzz
  148. Discover Facts. Get Fired!!
  149. Higher Calling, Lower Wages: The Vanishing of the Middle-Class Clergy
  150. Dawkins in 2014
  151. Good Doggy
  152. Very Christian-Like
  153. How to be Filled with the Spirit
  154. The Way it Is!!
  155. Good Doggy, part deux
  156. Who thinks..
  157. What did you Assume?
  158. Breaking the Silence
  159. Dear Mom...
  160. Nature of God
  161. Rock n Roll All Nite, and PARTY Every Day
  162. Did God Promise Israel to the Jews??
  163. Going Too Far
  164. A new book
  165. Mark of the Beast!! Perfect!!
  166. Origin of the Bible??
  167. Did You Know...
  168. Reading Any Good Books?
  169. I have Nothing
  170. ISIS Beheads 21 Christians
  171. High horse?
  172. Fifty Shades of Grey
  173. Playing The 'Middle'
  174. I'm a Devout Atheist...
  175. Rape Victim
  176. An interesting story
  177. I owe RWGR an apology
  178. Interesting Chart
  179. What scares the new atheists
  180. The Real Divorce Rate.
  181. John Lennox meets Conrad Black
  182. I think I said that
  183. Facts vs. Opinions
  184. Conrad Black replies to his criticshttp://news.nationalpost.com/2015/03/28/conrad-bla
  185. State of religion in Canada
  186. Well, It's That Time Again
  187. Scientology: Bad News
  188. Our view of children
  189. What a presidential hopeful is saying
  190. FYI 50 Biblical characters confirmed
  191. FYI - Mainline Christianity loses bigtime
  192. Christian Love
  193. Piper (not the Pied)
  194. In the mood
  195. Religion of Peace
  196. selling body parts?
  197. Science has proven??
  198. Heavy Reading, but interesting.
  199. Welcome Home
  200. Why A Protestant Pastor Became Catholic
  201. Why Did 50 Leave
  202. Reluctantly Left The Roman Catholic Church
  203. A False Sense of Security.
  204. Did Not Reluctantly Leave Protestantism
  205. Roman Catholic Errors, From A to Z !!
  206. For Some, Truth Trumps Ego
  207. Differences Between the Bible and the Roman Catholic Church
  208. The Collapse of Catholicism in Latin America
  209. Want ‘sustained happiness’? Get religion
  210. Patheos Catholic Picks Up 2 Powerful Apologists
  211. Why I became a Catholic
  212. Protestants can no longer dismiss abuse as a ‘Catholic problem’
  213. Protestant Churches Grapple With Growing Sexual Abuse Crisis
  214. This Is What Sola Scriptura Gets You
  215. John 17:20-21
  216. A Comparison of Beliefs between Roman Catholics and Protestants
  217. Why did 200 Leave?
  218. From Faith to Atheism and Back Again
  219. One Upsmanship On These Forums
  220. Deception and the church
  221. Forgive women who've had abortions
  222. Jail for not isuuing a marriage licence
  224. I Wonder
  225. Mistakes and Changes
  226. Until the RCC Gets Rid of Priestly Celibacy This Will Never Stop
  227. Peter Kreeft
  228. Not quite sure...
  229. Peter Kreeft, Pt II
  230. From Antichrist to Brother in Christ: How Protestant Pastors View the Pope
  231. Protestant Pope Envy
  232. Congressman steals Pope's water
  233. Pope Francis' Speech at St. Patrick's Cathedral
  234. Mars has flowing liquid water, NASA confirms
  235. Has Science Buried God??
  236. Canada #1
  237. How do we see Scripture??
  238. I'm liking this
  239. Going In The Right Direction
  240. Conversion of Sweden's Most Influential Pastor Causes 'Pain and Disillusion'
  241. List of prominent converts to Catholicism
  242. We seem to have lost....
  243. Ben Likes My argument
  244. Allah Who is he??
  245. Ready to Hit The Reset Button?
  246. Interesting article
  247. Gene Simmons and Tim Tebow
  248. 500 Years Since Luther
  249. Classy
  250. A Christianity Without a Past: A Protestant Deep in History