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\m/ Rich \m/
12-12-2007, 05:53 PM
So i got bored of the songs in it, so i started looking around on how to create my own discs, with songs i enjoy playing.

The selection of charts to pick through for metal was pretty slim, but had a lot of focus on bands like children of bodom, in flames, megadeth, slayer and pantera. I tried to mix it up as much as possible.

The songs play pretty well for my first try, some minor sync issues with a couple songs, and thats about it. Inm 2 days i've beaen all these songs except for the annihilator songs because they're beyond retarded.

Check it out and tell me what you think! If you've made cuatoma of your own, post the setlists!

first 8 tiers are seperated, then the bonuses... 5th song in each tier is the encore. (obviously)

A Tout le monde - megadeth
angels dont kill - children of bodom
deadly sinners - 3 inches of blood
only for the weak - in flames
rainbow in the dark - dio

replica - sonata arctica
mirror mirror - blind guardain
black dragon - dissection
beelzeboss - tenacious D
livin the life - steel dragon

fiddler on the green - demons and wizards
we will rise - arch enemy
disintegrators - megadeth
everytime i die - children of bodom
crazy train - ozzy

never walk alone - megadeth
i spit on your grave - sinergy
Heartwork - carcass
spheres of madness - decapitated
lake bodom - children of bodom

pinball map - in flames
99 - the haunted
sleepwalker - megadeth
distortion Sleep - soilwork
feasting on the blood of the insane - six feet under

stepping outside the circle - shadows fall
beginning of the end - into eternity
the art of shredding - pantera
dead skin mask - slayer
follow the hollow - soilwork

no remorse - metallica
life in black - mors principium est
Blacklist - exodus
kissing the shadows - children of bodom
Domination - pantera

Painkiller - judas priest
Enemy Of God - kreator
Hunter Killer - annihilator
tornado of souls - megadeth
angel of death - slayer

--- Bonus ---

Damage, Inc - metallica
Thunderstruck - AC/DC
Intermezzo Liberte - Arch Enemy
Deathrider - Anthrax
Silent Night, Bodom Night - Children Of Bodom
Canon Rock - Jerry C
The Cage - Sonata Arctica
Conquer All - Behemoth
Unrepentant - Trivium
Sixpounder - Children Of Bodom
Mandatory Suicide - Slayer
Gilded C**t - Cradle Of Filth
Scars Of The Crucifix - Deicide
King Of The Kill - Annihilator
All Against All - The Haunted
Cemetery Gates - Pantera
Somebody Put Something In My Drink - Children Of Bodom
War Ensemble - Slayer
Suicide Terrorist - Kreator
Burn In Hell - Dimmu Borgir
Templars Of Steel - Hammerfall
The Power Of I And I - Shadows Fall
Old - Machine Head
Use the man - Megadeh