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02-27-2008, 05:45 PM
Call me Shirley, but since when does an application have control on how data is written to a volume, on a Server Operating system?

I think more and more companies are having second thoughts upgrading their current systems, as the last thing you need on a server is data corruption due to a bug in the OS...

Microsoft Corp. last week added more programs to a list of those that could corrupt files stored on Windows Home Server, but it gave no timetable for a patch to solve the months-old problem.

"We're working on this," said Steven Leonard, a senior product manager on the Windows Home Server (WHS) team. "Getting this bug fixed is the most important thing we're doing, but quality is the most important thing [for the fix]." Both Leonard and Todd Headrick, the product planning manager for WHS, refused to set a release date for a fix.

The data corruption issue with Windows Home Server goes back more than two months, when Microsoft first acknowledged that, under some conditions, editing a document, image or e-mail stored on the server corrupted the file, effectively destroying it. About a week later, Windows Home Server product managers claimed that the bug cropped up only when the server was under an "extreme load" as it copied large files.

The revised support document now omits any mention of "extreme load." Headrick explained why: "We removed it because it was kind of nebulous about what that meant," he said. "There are a wide variety of circumstances where we've seen [corruption] when the server is not under heavy load. It's really about the application and how it writes data to disk."

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02-27-2008, 08:45 PM
Luckily there is a better alternative than MS.