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05-01-2008, 03:48 PM
A cat was brought to me from the Fourth Line area near Perry's Gun Shop, across from Riuniti. This was a beige tabby, male, neutered, about 10 lbs. I put him in a warm blanket in my cat cage, gave him water and food, and was intenting to bring him to the vet in the morning and call the humane society about the found cat in case his owners put in a lost report. I intended on caring for him until his owners could be found or until someone would adopt him. Sadly, he died during the night, so he body is now at the humane society in case you are his owner and would like to see if he is your missing cat. They will hold him in cold storage awhile.

<span style="color: #FF0000"> <span style='font-size: 12pt'> This is what he looked like while he was still alive sleeping and breathing comfortably:</span> </span>


05-01-2008, 06:25 PM
if i were you, seeing that he was in such bad condition i would have called the HS right away and not tried to take care of it on your own. from the picture he looks like he was in pretty bad shape and in need of immediate medical attention. who knows, maybe if he would have gotten to the vet sooner he would have made it. there is always a vet on call for emergencies.

oh well, at least your heart was in the right place.

05-01-2008, 08:05 PM
THE PHOTO OF THE CAT IS OF HIM SLEEPING!!!! I have to stress, he was not in bad condition, that's the thing. It looked like he was just a cold stray who needed to get inside to warmth. So I put him in my big cat cage with a warm blanket and food and water. He was not injured and did not whince or anything when I petted him, or when he was picked up, nothing was broken. I was going to get a vet to look at him in the morning because that's what I do with ANY STRAY that comes my way. I always bring them to the vet immediately because I have 7 cats and 2 dogs of my own and have to ensure their health if I bring home a strange cat or dog.

It was night time and you can't call the humane society in the night for this because it was not an emergency at the time. If I had x-ray vision, I might have been able to see something. The other option was to put him in the night drop box at the shelter, which I would not do to any domestic pet I found because I can take them in myself since I have a dog cage and a cat cage for emergencies. Actually, this is how I ended up with our white husky Fang quite a few years ago. It was evening, the shelter was closed, I would not use the drop box. He is still with us because after I informed the shelter, nobody ever claimed him. So we kept him. He became the companion of our Border Collie since his buddy had died a few months prior.

05-01-2008, 10:56 PM
Hats off to you for bringing him in.
At the very least he didn't die alone.

05-02-2008, 09:08 AM
he looks pretty dehydrated to me, the way his fur seems to part and stick out kind of funny. but i guess i didn't see him sleeping comfortably so i am only going by a photo.

05-02-2008, 11:50 AM
My photo skills are pretty bad and my camera is 5 years old. I badly need a new one. My sister is the talented one with the camera and photos of pets.

These circumstances that come up catch you off guard and you kind of fly by the seat of your pants, so, in hindsight, I may not have done the perfect thing, but I did what I thought at the time and he seemed comfortable and not in any stress, and he didn't look bad to me, just tired.

05-03-2008, 08:49 PM
I think you did the right thing Pooches, I wouldn't call the HS or a vet at night about a stray that didn't look injured and when I didn't think it was an emergency,
but next time you can just call orchid, they seem like they will gladly pay for it to see a vet in the middle of the night, even if the animal looks fine!

05-04-2008, 07:04 PM
no, i just don't believe in bringing stray animals into my home with my own pets for any longer than is necessary. i call the agency responsible for animal control. i will gladly hold a stray until it can be picked up or until they are open and i can drop it off, but i would definitely call as soon as i came into possession of it and at the very least left a message. you never know what might be going on with a stray, health wise. there are lots of illnesses that have undetectable symptoms. there could be internal injuries that one might not notice. just because it isn't bleeding, there are no bones sticking out, fluids aren't leaking out every orafice and it isn't wailing in pain doesn't mean there isn't something wrong with it that requires prompt medical attention. but again that is just my opinion.