View Full Version : MediaDefender Launches DoS Attack on Legitimate TV

05-31-2008, 01:41 PM
Jim Louderback, CEO of internet TV network Revision3, is considering legal action against anti-piracy firm MediaDefender after an internal investigation revealed it to be the source of a Memorial Day weekend Denial of Service attack against Revision3’s computer network.

Revision3 runs a private BitTorrent tracker that it uses to distribute shows produced in-house. MediaDefender may have been trying to exploit a security hole in its server, said Louderback, and when Revision3 administrators locked MediaDefender out, the company might have automatically launched a DoS attack in retaliation.

After speaking with MediaDefender Vice President of Operations Ben Grodsky, Louderback says that MediaDefender admitted to “abusing” Revision3’s servers, by “injecting a broad array of torrents” into the company’s BitTorrent tracker.

“We’d noticed some unauthorized use of our tracking server, and took steps to de-authorize torrents pointing to non-Revision3 files. That, as it turns out, was exactly the wrong thing to do. MediaDefender’s servers, at that point, initiated a flood of SYN packets attempting to reconnect to the files stored on our server. And that torrential cascade of ‘Hi’s brought down our network,” said Louderback.

MediaDefender did not respond to requests for comment from DailyTech.

Grodsky said that his company didn’t do “anything specific” to target Revision3, and the attack – which Grodsky characterized as an attempt by MediaDefender bots to contact Revision 3 “every three hours” – was unintentional. “We didn’t do anything to increase traffic,” he claimed.

“Our own logs show upwards of 8,000 packets a second,” said Louderback.

“Revision3 suffered measurable harm to its business due to that flood of packets, as the attacks on our legitimate and legal Torrent Tracking server spilled over into our entire internet infrastructure. Thus we were unable to serve videos and advertising through much of the weekend, and into Tuesday – and even our internal email servers were brought down.”

Revision3’s legal department is examining its options, and the FBI is “looking into the matter.”


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