View Full Version : Congrats Ron Matte N Angie Ayotte on your Wedding

07-19-2008, 08:54 AM
Congrats Ron N Angie on your up coming wedding TODAY @ 3 p.m. woo hoo!!! Hope your not to nervous. :-) See you there from you Matron of Honor and Bestman, Sharon N Yvon Matte, and the rest of the bridal party too.

Luv you guy's.
Don't Worry Be Happy!!!!

07-19-2008, 12:02 PM
Congrats Ron, hope u have a great day.:)

07-20-2008, 10:50 PM
the day was beautiful and the bride and groom looked spectacular and the reception was a blast.

07-21-2008, 07:42 PM
Thank you Shawns girl...it was the most beautiful day of my life! I am going to try adding a pic for you to see!


Let me know if it works!!!

07-22-2008, 01:16 PM
beautiful pics, congrats again and i love the dress it is very pretty.

07-23-2008, 07:52 PM
Thanks it turned out perfect all the way around!