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08-24-2008, 04:17 AM
So tonight, I'm at a friends house , and we're babysitting her younger brother. He's almost 1.
He won't go to sleep.. and just keeps staring around.
She sets up a bed on the ground, he lays there just staring.
All of a sudded, he starts screaming high pitch. OMG. I've never heard a baby that loud. His eyes are as big as twoonies.
And, all of a sudden, I get this creepy feeling.. Like something is watching us. I feel something behind me standing at the door. AND then he whips his head, turns and looks and starts screaming. BLOODY MURDER. He then looks into the kitchen, where then, he started screaming again. And I could feel something in the air. So, I'm thinking there is 2 spirits in there. There is some kind of creature in the kitchen, and some human at the door. I tell my friend to tell whatevers in the house to leave. And shes like what? And I said, "Theres some kind of spirit here" and she freaked. And then started saying " Leave my house, your not wanted here" and then he started calming down. But I could still fell the creature in the house. I stand up look into the kitchen, and I can feel some kind of big cat. THEN, I hear this loud low purring/meow. The kid looks at me. STARTS screaming. And then I tell my friend to say to the spirit to leave! So she does. He calms down yet again. THEN , he looks around as if he's been poked. I get the chills hardcore.. And then I tell her to to tell it to get the hell out and never come back because its unwanted and its scaring the baby. She says that, the baby stops crying. Puts his head down on her chest.. and relaxes, about 10 seconds later, hes snoring.

I was so full of terror for that baby. I couldn't see what it was, but I had a feeling it was a big bob cat, or lion or cheetah. SOMETHING.
So, then we go outside once her mom comes home. We talked about it with her, shes going to get the house smudged.
Anyways, we go outside. And I have a creepy feeling. SO, I said. I really just want to know whats here. So , I grab her hand, and I say. .if there is anything here make a sound.. A faint ting of metal in the yard. I said again, make a louder sound.. TING! And then , out of no where.. here comes this cat! I've/she's never seen this cat before. It starts rubbing it self on my leg. And then, all these dogs start howling.. and I say, if anythings here these dogs will all stop barking.. it goes dead silent. then PUUURRRRRRR. And by then it was almost 4 am and I had to get home.
I just thought I'd type this all out and share my story.

08-25-2008, 10:06 PM
weird. kids can see things we can't always see or feel. when my oldest was a baby she used to spend hours talking to her 'friend' and i thought it was just an imaginary freind. i switched rooms with her for a few weeks cause she had the bigger room but i had bad dreams and felt uncomfortable in there every night. when we moved to a different place she stopped doing it.