View Full Version : 640GB Drives?

09-04-2008, 08:57 AM
Anyone running 2 x of these in a Raid Configuration?

I have 1 x seagate 640GB i am planning on getting another one, but like to see if anone is running such a setup here to see what the read will/could be.

I was looking around the net and see the read of 2 x in Raid 0 anywhere from 180-213mb depending on controller used and such.

I get 97.2mb on this one drive running HDtach (latest version, been out for sometime now) which is similar to the WD 640GB drive. The difference is the seagate has 32mb cache and 5 year warranty as opposed to 16mb cache and 3 year warraty from WD.

This drive runs quite and cool, temp is around 25-27C all day long.