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That reminds me of a Bill Cosby skit:

Bill Cosby: God has a sense a humor and God said, "Let him have a girl." Plop. Came out. And I had my child there, first born at home, and it does something to you when you're a father. You're home, you know, really home. And the baby was dirty, she'd made a little poo-poo. My wife and I were so happy when the child made the poo-poo. We asked the child...
[in silly voice]
Bill Cosby: "Are you the one who made the poo-poo? C'mon, you made the poo-poo. You can poopy...
[talks in baby talk]
Bill Cosby: And the baby said...
[does a happy motion]
Bill Cosby: I said, "That's right, you want to make the poo-poo, you poo-poo when you want to poo-poo."
[In normal voice]
Bill Cosby: And my wife and I were so happy, we showed it to each other.
[silly voice]
Bill Cosby: Did you see the poo-poo? Oh, that's a pretty poo-poo!
[normal voice]
Bill Cosby: We called our parents up, "Come over and see the poo-poo!" They came over. "Oh, my God, will you look at the poo-poo!" Two months later, God put odor in the poo-poo, and it became a mess. Parents didn't want to change the child anymore. And they talked to the child...
[in scolding voice]
Bill Cosby: "Will you look at what you just did?"
[He imitates the child's happy moment]
Bill Cosby: "No, I didn't want to see that. You made a mess! Yucky! Icky! Messy!"