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11-13-2008, 09:20 PM
Hi all, some time back someone was looking for a group for mom's who need to connect with other mom's and have some fun too.

A friend of mine started a group on Facebook and she is seeing who else would like to join in and meet some new people.

The name of the group is "Out with SuperioR MoM's"

Do a search on it and then join ... its as simple as that.

The Description is...
A group for mothers who are interested in meeting other moms in the Sault Ste. Marie area and district. This site will help you to organize events such as playdates, outings, dinner out to restaurants or if your daring enough, to host a dinner party, backyard BBQ's. And I am certain Coffee night at Timmy's or Steamy Bean would be highly welcomed.

Feel free to use site to post Pampered Chef parties, Tupperware Parties, Fantasia Parties. Or Arts and Crafts shows. Its also a great way to share educational articles, newscasts, community events, movie night....whatever you can think of.

This site can be used to swap and share recipes. Or ask questions regarding whatever issues you are having concerns with, whether it be yourself, your spouse or your child.

We are all Mothers. We all need to liveLOVElaugh a little and share our thoughts, feelings and friendships once in a while.

Please use the site to promote happy and healthy families as well as happy and healthy friendships.

Negativity will not be tolerated, and could lead to being deleted from the group in the event there are complaints from other members

This will be an open group till such time its too large to manage, at which time will be invite only.

Enjoy the site.
Enjoy the friendships you make with other Superior MoM's.

PS - this is not me but a friend.

Have fun y'all!