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12-23-2008, 01:33 AM
I have no idea what could be going on. My son is 2.5 years old and has been waking up either from nap time or in the middle of the night. He wakes up screaming and very mad. If we try to talk to him or help him by rubbing his back he gets even more angry. he rolls around on the floor and just cries and screams. this can happen for up to 45 mins at a time. This has happened 3 or 4 times now and like i said he does it either at nap time or in the middle of the night. I was reading it could be night terrors.

This just happened and its 130am i am so worried i don't know what it could be. my son was so angry and i asked him what he would like he replied to me "i push the table and break it". He was laying in my livingroom floor screaming and rolling all over and he was trying to push the table. I asked him every question you can think of to see what was wrong.

Needless to say that only thing that snapped him out of it was my husband turned on the xmas lights on the tree to show him. He snapped out of it and asked to go back to bed.

So here i am completely clueless on why he did that or what it could be. i did some searches online and the only thing that came back was night terrors any time i did a search. Has anyone else have an ideas what it could be or have experienced similar issues?

Chaotic Chick
12-23-2008, 01:48 AM
Sounds similar to what I went through from the time my oldest daughter was two years old until she was five or six; then she started some weird sleepwalking behaviours. I took her to the doctor, who told me it was likely night terrors and she said to be gentle, and make sure she did not hurt herself. That is often all that can be done while they are in the process of having the night terror; the child has no idea it is happening. The only other thing you can do is take him to the doctor. There is medication that can be given to the child if it is necessary. I didn't want to medicate my daughter, so I had to deal with it on and off for a few years. It really sucks to see your child going through that, I know. There are many things that can cause them, and when a child is two years old, it may not be easy to figure out. My daughter started going through it when I had my second child, so there was not much I could do.

12-23-2008, 01:53 AM
its so horrible to watch your right it breaks my heart. i was reading more and it really does sound like night terrors. Did you try a night light in the room and if so did that help. I will be calling the drs in the am to see if i can get him in to talk about it. its so heart breaking its crazy. Its more so the angry in his face. he is so ANGRY and i don't know why.

Chaotic Chick
12-23-2008, 01:58 AM
I did try a night light and it did not work. I know it is heartbreaking to see your little one like that; it used to make me cry. :( And I was always worried she would hurt herself, although I was usually the one who got kicked or hit when I tried to get her away from the furniture.

It does sound like it could be night terrors. Night terrors usually occur shortly before they are going to wake up for some reason, so if that is what he is suffering from, he may wake up within ten or fifteen minutes of an episode. It is still a LONG time to watch your child go through that. My daughter (who is now 18) went through so many different sleep disorders, but the night terrors were the worst!

12-23-2008, 02:03 AM
i just found this post http://www.aboutkidshealth.ca/HealthAZ/Night-Terrors.aspx?articleID=8382&categoryID= and it sounds so much like it but the last one was a week ago at naptime. it was so heartbreaking

12-23-2008, 02:23 AM
My nephew had night terrors when he was little too. My sister used to guide him into the washroom and have him use it and this usually helped. In the morning he never would remember a thing about the "terror" screaming he did.
He out grew it eventually..
best of luck to you

12-23-2008, 06:27 AM
Sounds what I went throu with my son at age 3 or 4, he would see things, like spiders and creepy critters all over his room when there was nothing. He would scream and cry. I did figure it out that it was night terrors and general just talked to him and my husband and I just held him til he stopped. Don't try to wake your child, let them come out of it themselves. He did evenually out grow it.

12-23-2008, 06:40 AM
thanks everyone. I was just so shocked because it just keeps happening happening and i had NO IDEA what was going on. My oldest son is 8.5 and he never had that. So its so new to me and my husband. I was so surprised that my other son didn't wake up because it was that loud. my husband and i tried talking him out of it and asked him so many questions. I just hope its not an every night thing so far it hasn't been. But i will be calling the dr soon enough i don't think i am able to get him in anytime soon but i will be calling that is foresure. I was ready to take him down to the ER because it just freaked us both out and we didn't know what to do. My son is so in love with lights and my husband thought of talking to him and holding him to get him to snap out of it and it worked. Once he did wake up he was kind of shocked on why he was in the living room and he walked back to bed and i didn't hear him since.

thanks again for your support and i am glad to know that i am not alone on this. It was really heartbreaking and it had both of us in tears because it was heartbreaking.

12-23-2008, 08:37 AM
My oldest son also suffers from night terrors. He is five and he's had them since he was 6 months old. My nephew had them so I was lucky enough to know right away what was going on. Night terrors do tend to be hereditary and usually happen with boys. A few things that we've done that seem to help are to make sure he is not too warm at bed time and try to ensure that he is not overtired. When he is overtired he ALWAYS has a night terror.

My son is now 5 and he seems to be growing out of them. He used to have them every night, sometimes twice, but now once or twice a month. It does get better - good luck!

I just sit and talk to him until he opens his eyes and looks at me and responds to questions - then I know he's really awaks and can settle him back to sleep.

Just to add - although your instinct (like mine was) is to hug your child, it only makes the terror worse because your physical contact becomes part of their dream and they may think they are actually in the grips of whatever is 'chasing' them. Talk to him, turn on a light, wait. Once he snaps out of it, talk with him for a bit to make sure he is fully awake and take a bit of time settling him back to sleep. I've found often that if you let him fall asleep to soon after it ends, he will have another one within the hour.

12-23-2008, 08:54 AM
My youngest suffers from night terrors, she is 11 and it started as a baby. She would literally throw herself against the bars of her crib. When she was a toddler she had to sleep with lots of pillows on the floor surrounding her bed as sometimes she would start screaming and as we would get up to go to her she would stand up and throw herself off the bed. Our biggest concern was her hurting herself. When she started talking we finally figured out what her "terrors" were about. It was always bugs. She would scream they were in her bed, get them off me, they are all over the walls and coming to get her. It always took turning the light on, and soothing voices to calm her down.

As she grew older they started to diminsh, however as Tutones stated, when overtired they do still occur. As well, if she has any kind of stress in her young life, they seem to happen.

Funny part of the whole thing is they were always about bugs. This is the same child whose pockets I always had to check when doing laundry for little creatures!! She always played with bugs and such outdoors, and loves collecting butterfly larvae to watch them cocoon and hatch.

12-23-2008, 04:03 PM
wow its just so crazy that a young child's mind can be so full of thoughts like that. it was crazy just watching him. My husband and I still don't have any idea what his dream was about and its bothering us still. We are going to let him sleep in just his pull up at night since that is what he wants but last night he wanted his pjs. My oldest son didn't even hear a thing and considering they share rooms. i felt horrible all day at work. It was nuts. I am glad to hear that they will eventually out grow it. I am sure it wasn't easy. My son doesn't like being held so we just make sure he is in an open space because he throws himself everywhere i also noticed he sleep walks. and he does talk in his sleep on a good night and he did last night. I turned on the lamp instead of the main light and he asked me to turn it off turning the night terror. but it didn't snap him out of it. But once my husband started to hold him as much as he fought for him to let go he wanted the xmas lights on the tree and snapped out of it.

It was very hard to watch i am sure if its going to continue i will get use to it but in the main time it was so hard to handle i didn't know what to do.

So from what i was reading on here and online. Is holding him during the terror and talking to him a good thing? I can't rub his back. my husband will hold him and walk around the house and that seems to make it less of a tantrum he is still crying and pushing away. but its not as bad when he is laying on the floor.

12-23-2008, 04:23 PM
Yep, night terrors. My son was exactly like that also. Woke up screaming and so angry you can't even imagine they can get so angry. Night lights didn't help our son at all. He just eventually grew out of having them.
Good luck, isn't parenting fun? Wait until he's a teenager. Then it's your turn for the night terrors lol.

12-23-2008, 04:29 PM
LOL i am sure they will my oldest is 8 and the things he does just blows my mind. lol but i guess that is the joy we take on as being parents. Kids are wonderful but its just heartbreaking when they go through things you don't know why or understand yourself to be able to help them. This is so new to me my oldest never had it. But i am so thankful for you everyone to share theirs with me. It really helped. I just hope it doesn't last long and get worse then what he did last night. i just couldn't handle it and i cried. (i felt like a big baby but i was so scared for him) So i have to say thank you to you all for your stories and support.

12-24-2008, 07:55 AM
yesterday, Oprah had a Dr. on her show talking about sleep disorders including nightmares and night terrors etc. Check out her website Oprah.com she usually has a an article on her guests. The Dr.(didn't catch his name) had written a book on these problems.

12-24-2008, 08:03 AM
yoda i was just about to post this also
the dr's name started with an S
i would seriously get that book...
anyway a woman on there had night terrors
wow, they're scary
the diff between nightmares and night terrors is that nightmares occur when ur dreaming (different sleep, can't remember)
anyway the book is called SLEEP

here it is, dr schenck

12-24-2008, 08:39 AM
I suffered from night terrors as a child. I would wake up screaming and crying. My parents were told by the doctor that there was nothing much that could be done... just to wait them out.

My mom told me we had a cat that would run into the room when I had one of the fits. She would kinda watch me for a minute or two, and if I went back to sleep right away, she would go back to my parents room. If there was something wrong, she would not come back, so it was mom's cue to come see if it was okay.

As I got older, I also started sleepwalking and talking in my sleep. I remember waking up during one of the sleep walking episodes. Was quite odd.

Anyway, no more sleep walking, and I rarely talk in my sleep now.

I wouldn't be too upset about what your child is going through because in reality, they don't even remember it. I think it is scarier for you then it is for them.

12-27-2008, 07:38 PM
My nephew had night terrors when he was little too. My sister used to guide him into the washroom and have him use it and this usually helped.


Our youngest daughter, who is now 10, had night terrors from the time she was 4 until she was 8. At first we thought it was a type of epileptic seizure, to the point where she was taken to the hospital by ambulance (ended up she had strep). We had her checked and the ped in Sudbury said he figured, like I did (after research), that it was night terrors. Her terrors were limited to whimpering and crying, while sitting straight up in bed, and a slight grinding of the teeth, from side to side, and a clenched jaw. But they vary from kid to kid.

Anyway, after the research online, I would put her on the toilet each time...not always easy, since I had to carry her, and by 8 she was big!...and after urinating, she would almost always snap out of it to awake. Sometimes she'd just go back to sleep, and I'd have to take her back to bed.

After some time of this, and knowing she had strep, with no symptoms, the first time, I figured out that the only time this happened was right before she showed symptoms of being ill. Every time her immune system was fighting something, she would have a night terror.

Hope this info helps someone. Just remember, they don't remember any of this. It just scars the parents. LOL

(oh...and I was a sleep walker, talker, and all 'round plagued-by-nightmares kid...as was my brother...love those genes)

12-31-2008, 07:46 PM
Thanks everyone. I guess its more common then i thought i was and well needless to say it was just plain out scary more so because of the angry he had when he has one. I have NEVER seen him like that or that angry and it really bothered me and to not be able to help him. My husband and i read a lot online about it and we have both or more so him (i work full time he is a stay at home daddy) has tried to focus on not letting him get over tired and so far its a big difference. whoever my son still talks like crazy in his sleep and sleepwalks but no night terrors (hopefully no more) i don't think i can handle anymore.

and for that book i am going to go and get it to learn more about it Thanks so much for the update. I normally watch her show but now that i am working full time and i am not home when its on i don't really follow along i am going to check that out foresure to learn more i know i could use it to help myself adapt to the night terrors because i felt helpless and it broke my heart to watch him.

Thanks again everyone for sharing your stories and the links.

12-31-2008, 07:59 PM
cool i just ordered that book. Hopefully it has a lot of helpful info. Thanks again