View Full Version : Microsoft Patent Application Outlines Metered Pay-as-You Go Computing

12-29-2008, 01:57 PM
A patent application filed by Microsoft was published last week (patent number 20080319910) that details what it sees as the future of computing from a consumer's standpoint. In Microsoft’s future, the user would be given a computer free of charge or at a greatly reduced price.

In exchange for the free or discounted computer system, which is presumably packed with all of the performance available, the user would pay a per-use fee to the company providing the PC along with some sort of one-time charge.

CNET News reports that Microsoft says in the patent application that the cost for using the pay-per-use method to obtain a computer would make it more expensive over the lifetime for a consumer than simply buying a computer.

Microsoft wrote in the patent application, "A computer with scalable performance level components and selectable software and service options has a user interface that allows individual performance levels to be selected. The scalable performance level components may include a processor, memory, graphics controller, etc. Software and services may include word processing, email, browsing, database access, etc. To support a pay-per-use business model, each selectable item may have a cost associated with it, allowing a user to pay for the services actually selected and that presumably correspond to the task or tasks being performed."

One of the core components of the pay-per-use future that Microsoft envisions is a security module that locks the PC to the supplier making the machine very secure and guaranteeing the providers investment in the system.


This will never work as you can just take the components out of it and put them in another system.

12-29-2008, 02:19 PM
I can't see it working either, especially at the prices they're quoting.
On the other hand I thought the same thing about leased vehicles and rent to own.