View Full Version : The sky is falling...Google tells me the net isn't working!

02-01-2009, 06:17 AM
Wow, after reading this article....


and witnessing this error first hand, I am speechless.

I mean...I was forced to use another web browser other then Google for a half hour or so. Oh the nerve....

I knew it was a bug. I figured that out in about a few seconds when I noticed every web site was not working. Did I panic? Did I freak out? Did I start to believe what the same identical page said to me, to report all my favorite sites to this third party service...NO.

Come on, it was as simple as using a different browser and or using an URL from the favorites list....there...I said it. Yes, there are different browsers out there. After using Yahoo, I quickly realized that the net was not broken.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but some of these news articles and the idiocy of people who use the internet get to me at times. Talk about blowing things out of proportion on the news front.

And what is up with this stupidity?


Let the fear mongering run rampant. I especially like how if Google labeled his site maleware, he wouldn't be able to access the net again. Like Google has control over the net. It is just a freaking popular web browser and no more. There are quite a few other web browsers out there. I just don't get stupidity.