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03-21-2009, 10:02 AM
One night, Ralph kisses his wife good night and falls fast asleep, he awakens to find himself at heavens gates. St. Peter is there to greet him and Ralph expresses his concern because he has no idea how he got there in the first place! "You passed away in your sleep. " St. Peter told him. " But I have too much to live for, I must go back! Can you send me back?"
Ralph was frantic, and desperate to return. " I can send you back, but only as a hen, you may not return as a human." St. Peter replied to Ralph. "I'll take it!" Ralph exclaimed.

He eyes opened up and he was in a yard, and a rooster approached Ralph, and greeted the newcomer to the hen house. Ralph thanked the rooster, and explained that he had a feeling of pressure inside. "You mean tot ell me that you have never laid an egg before?" the rooster asked. "Never" Ralph told him. " Well just let it happen naturally, do not force it, let it ease out of you and take deep breaths." the rooster coached him. So Ralph tried for a few minutes, plop. Out came one egg, then another, then a third. He was very proud of himself.

He could hear someone calling his name in the distance, he knew that voice, it was his wife!, He was so excited, he was looking for her everywhere.... "Ralph wake up damn it!!! You just crapped the bed!!!"

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lololol good one

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Melanie Booker
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hahaha gross