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03-26-2009, 10:32 AM
Due for release on 07-31-2009


Operation Flashpoint 2 will mark the long-awaited return of the total conflict simulator, which won international acclaim. Now in development, it is Codemasters Studios' most extensive R&D project to date. With the studio's largest development team ever assembled, Operation Flashpoint 2 has already benefited from over two years of pre-production on a closed set basis and will use a new FPS variant of Neon technology, the studio's proprietary middleware.

Building on the original game's heritage, Operation Flashpoint 2 will see the most realistic modelling of conflict scenarios in a new contemporary theatre of war. By offering a multitude of military disciplines, gameplay will deliver warfare more realistic and intense then ever before, while an extensive multiplayer component will create battles on an incredible scale.


The game takes place on the fictional island of Skirma, a contested island off Russia. Chinese and Soviet forces are fighting over control of the oil-rich nation and the US steps in to avert World War Three.

220 square km (or 134 square miles) of land
Extremely realistic

Many facts and features are confirmed for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, these include:

Damageable world objects.
Damage done to world objects is persistent.
Full enviromental damage model.
The setting takes place on an island called Skirma.
You will be able to garrison any of the buildings on Skirma.
Buildings can be reduced to rubble.
Firing sequences from lifting the object up, to placing it on your shoulder, to turning it on and arming to fire is all faithfully simulated, also reloading is faithfully simulated.
Weapons can be attached with scopes and grenade launchers.
According to Game Informer there are over 70 real life weapons in game, all supported by a realistic ballistic system.
There are useable helicopters, tanks and APC's.
There are over 50 different land, air and sea vehicles.

Multiplayer Gameplay

PC version will feature:

60 player (30 vs 30) in addition to the 256 NPC squad members (8 per squad per player)
20 player co-op in addition to NPC squad members
20 player Campaign + single mission co-op

Console (Xbox 360 & PS3) version will feature:

40 player (20 vs 20) in addition to NPC squad members
10 player co-op in addition to NPC squad members
10 player Campaign + single mission co-op

A demo has been confirmed that will be avalible to download before release. More info will be released closer to its release