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04-12-2009, 10:45 AM
The Soo

This one goes out to all my " buds" from the Soo!!
Brings back many memories for me!

Soonet "You Know You Are From The Soo When"
You are fully aware of the fact that Aurora and Mrs. B is the same
person, and can violently debate over the plus/minus factors in both pizza

You know of, and despise, the Station Mall train guy at Christmas.
You have participated in and/or drove around SSM observing the
Christmas light competition.

You can't go anywhere without running into someone you know or are
related to.

You know that Bon Soo is not Bon Homme. They are separate winter
carnival entities - if anything, Bon Homme is a rip off of Bon Soo.

You get tired of telling telemarketers that it is 'SOO' Ste. Marie,
not 'SALT' Ste. Marie.

You have demanded to ding the gong at Antlers.
You know at least one person on the local news or in the newspaper,
atleast once a week.

You know exactly how fast to drive down Queen or Bay to catch all the
green lights.

You know of the West Side Cafe, and can name your favourite

You know what a "Gouligan" is, and have even had class cancelled
because they "couldn't make it in".

You recall, with bittersweet memories, the days of Cornfest with

You know what the phrase "Hound Pounder" means.
You have even been, with your parents, to a place called "The
Palace Saloon".

You have ever stood under the Pavilion and yelled just so you can
hear the echo.

You proudly tell your incredulous southie friends that there is a
mythical place called The Back Door where you can ACTUALLY get $.50 drinks
and Canadian money is at par.

You insist Bellevue Park is one of the most under-rated romantic
places on earth.

You love your snowblower like a child.

"Wop" is a perfectly fine ethnic slur, because even if you don't have
a drop of Italian blood in you, you're Italian by osmosis, so it's not offensive.

You have seen the Ski-Doo parking at Korah.

"Going to the show" means going to the movies, and a "packsack" is a

You have ever stolen anything from Burger King or Taco Bell across the
river; bonus points for being on a first-name basis with Taco Larry.

You are convinced that if Algoma Steel and St. Mary's Paper don't kill
you, they'll have made you stronger.

You were or hoped to be the Sault This Week Smile of the Week

You remember standing in a line that stretched the length of the
Station Mall waiting to get into the movies, and you liked it because you
got to check everyone out.

You can sing the "Station Mall, the centre of it all!" and
"Something for everyone, Cambrian Mall" jingles.

You hated 99.5 YES FM for playing the same 20 songs over and
over, but listened to it anyway because the alternative was MIX 100.

You went on a 'cruise' on the Chief Shingwak with your elementary

You know where Topsail Island, the P-Patch, Gros Cap, Harmony, and
the Locks are.

You know who Downtown Dennis is, and have had many conversations
with him. And you also know who Crazy Judy is and the guy in the wheelchair
who thinks he's a police man.

Your Non-Soo friends are convinced there's something wrong with the
water in the Sault because of all your crazy friends and stories that
originate there.

04-12-2009, 10:54 AM
lol,, what ever happened to the wheelchair guy who thought he was a cop? i have not seen him around in a while..
and remember thr adnack?..lol..god that was years ago..

04-12-2009, 11:18 AM
"You remember standing in a line that stretched the length of the
Station Mall waiting to get into the movies, and you liked it because you
got to check everyone out."

Yes... but how many can remember standing in line on QUEEN STREET or GORE STREET on a Tuesday in the rain just to get in for half price?

04-12-2009, 11:31 AM
I usually went to the Saturday Matinees. It was cheaper.

04-12-2009, 11:33 AM
I remember standing on Queen or Gore before there were discount Tuesdays. I remember when movie theatres had just one screen, and the balcony was for smokers.

I remember trying to be the X caller on CKCY to win concert tickets, and actually won some to Trooper.

I remember being on TV at Christmas, as was every school, singing Christmas carols.