View Full Version : wanted house for married couple w child on the way

07-03-2007, 05:40 PM
We're looking for a new house for as soon as possible. We live in the heart of downtown next to a busy alley way, and there's just too much traffic and too many drunk people wandering around.... we're just fed up. We love our house, but the location is terrible. We are looking for something more family friendly, but it must be within city limits as my husband relies on public transit to get to work.

We're a responsible family that will take good care of your property. We have two very well behaved dogs and really want a fenced yard (although ANY yard is better than the parking lot that we have now). Since we're expecting our first child, we'd really like 3 bedrooms, but will consider a two bedroom of adequate size. We're never late on our rent, are both employed full time, and are non-smokers. We're not interested in buying a house right now, since we're going to be relocating in a year and a half for me to finish grad school.

Please, if you're looking for great tenants, and have a house you want to rent, contact me. We're looking in the $750 plus or $900 inclusive range.
Contact Amanda at 256 9519 or mandora@gmail.com