View Full Version : Microsofts answer to the Wii

06-02-2009, 12:50 PM
Not sure if anyone here watched the E3 video... But Im excited with what they are doing... The camera aspect has been announced a while ago but actually seeing how it is going is amazing... Im so excited for this and will probably pick up the camera the day it comes out...
goto Xbox.com to see the video...

06-03-2009, 12:25 PM
Looked cool, but my 360 isn't my casual gaming system - that's why I own my Wii. Same thoughts on the PS WandŽ ... cool & everything, but it's just an add-on right now, and it doesn't fit with the games I play on my PS3. Next generation, when they incorporate this technology into the initial build, it'll be awesome.

There weren't too many shocking announcements this year, outside of FFVII arriving to the Playstation Network yesterday ($9.99), Final Fantasy XIV MMO (PS3 Exclusive), and the Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker (MGS3 Sequel, 1970's) being announced. Some say the 360 Metal Gear game was huge, but it was quite expected, and it's not even part of the actual series, it's a spin-off title that doesn't fit in the rest of the storyline according to Hideo Kojima. Plus, it's Raiden, and it's also coming to Playstation 3. That game could end up being pretty terrible, but we'll see. Not getting my hopes up, that's for sure!

While I enjoyed the Sony conference the most, Microsoft had the best overall presentation in terms of style. It was great to see Splinter Cell and Alan Wake. Very impressed by Alan Wake actually, and will definitely be getting that game upon release. Nintendo showed off Galaxy 2, more of the same from its predecessor, but that's a good thing. Wii Sports Resort & WiiFit+ will be fun I'm sure. Not sure how I feel about the new Super Mario Bros. Wii game. It didn't impress me too much, and I'm sort of turned off by the multiplayer aspect. Mario has always been a great single player game, and that's just the way I'd like to see it stay. It had better not be like Little Big Planet, where certain areas are impossible without the help of another player.

Of course, Sony showed off the wonderful Uncharted 2 & God of War III - both are looking stunning, as expected. God of War looks great, and I see they haven't changed the formula at all. Why change a working formula? No reason. I wish more companies realized this. Uncharted 2 should be a great experience, and after all, we get multiplayer this time around. I started playing the BETA last night, and after about an hour, I'll say I'm pretty impressed. It feels very similar to Metal Gear Online, and I enjoy that game quite a bit as well. There's nothing quite as satisfying as tossing a propane tank through the air and shooting it when it's beside your enemy's head - BAM!