View Full Version : The Midget and The Drunk

06-02-2009, 04:06 PM
A guy, having had one too many down the pub and speeding, rams into a really nice, brand new Aston Martin at a red light.
“Oh JESUS!” he shouts. He knows the police will tear him a new one for this. Damage isn’t bad, but he’s had a few drinks and he’s a wee bit nervous about being caught. Out of the newly-damaged car, to his surprise, steps a midget. He decides to play it cool and try to hide his inebriation.
“You stupid wanker!” yells the little man.
“Oh, I’m so sorry sir! I truly apologize! Are you OK?” asks the man.
“Well I’m not f***in’ happy!”

“Oh right. Which one are you then?”