View Full Version : Apple Blasts Windows Vista, Announces $29 Snow Leopard, Safari 4, QuickTime X

06-08-2009, 08:07 PM
Between Safari 4, QuickTime X, and Snow Leopard Apple certainly delivered on all the rumors and expectations when it came to its OS and software. However, the biggest surprise of all had to be the price. With the new ultra-low price of OS X, the pressure is on Microsoft to lower its prices accordingly, or convince the consumer that it has a more functional new product.

Microsoft is somewhat safeguarded, though, by the fact that Apple's closed box hardware policies won't allow non-Apple-hardware users to jump to OS X. Still, the newly reduced price helps erode Microsoft's cost arguments, and invariably will soon be appearing in smarmy Apple commercials on TVs across the nation.


I think they are testing the waters for an eventual OSX release on non-Apple hardware...