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Giggle Squirt
06-22-2009, 08:56 PM
has anyone ever asked for an elective induction? So that the husband can be almost 100% guaranteed to be at the birth? I know that even with the schedualed date that i could naturally go into labour on my own but I am very peranoid that my hunny won't be able to make it in time from work to the hospital if he is at work and i go into labour. So far my longest labour was 2.5 hours, from the very start of contractions to the baby being born. I am paranoid becuse from the time i actually get ahold of someone to get ahold of him, to him getting showered and to the gate is about 45 min best case. and then about 20 min to get home depending on where he is and weather or not he has transportation or has to walk to the gate. I know that every labour is differnt and i could go longer or shorter, but so far it has been getting shorter. If i go into labour during the day it won't be that bad because my mom works close to where i live and could be here in like 10 min. Night time is a different story. To have anyone come from home down to get me and take me to the hospital would be the same as having my hunny leave work and come get me. Maybe I am just to paranoid about not making it to the hospital?? But my hunny is also paranoid about it too.

06-23-2009, 05:15 AM
sure have, With my third child! they will usually give u what you want unless its just to busy or its a silly reason,

My third child was due may 25th, and My birthday is may 16th, I wanted him 10 days before my birthday being may 6th, (I had a very legit reason for wanting birthing prior to the day) I was also very hiper tentionSp last pregnacy.

Its easy they secuduale you for the day chosen by you and your ob, you call the hospital that morning 6:30ish, they tell you weather to come or not, *weather its to busy*, you go in, by 8 you are hooked up to the drip, and then go from there, my waters were always broken, like 4ish, Now I did not have a contracton with my 3rd child untill 7pm and he was born at 8pm on the button very very fast, all 3 of my labours were fast, but they do say if they are all the same fathers, then they will usually get faster..... as the pregnacys consist of the same make up so to speek...

06-23-2009, 08:56 AM
If you are prepared for more pain than a normal labour, then go for it. Being induced usually ends up being fast and furious, with higher C-section rates. I was induced for 2 of mine, and after the second induction, I went 10 days overdue twice to allow myself to do it naturally.2 hours the one, and 40 mins the other, where my inductions were considerably longer.
It is all a matter of preference. With my last, I was paranoid cause hubby works out of town, and it would take him 3 hours SPEEDING to get back to town. I just let nature take its course and low and behold, the morning of a scheduled 12 days overdue induction, I went into labour on my own in the middle of the night!!
Good luck either way!!!
P.S. None of mine were ELECTIVE...but induced none the less.

Giggle Squirt
06-23-2009, 10:36 AM
thanks. for the info. i didn't know if they would look at me like i was stupid if i asked.

06-24-2009, 04:25 AM
thanks. for the info. i didn't know if they would look at me like i was stupid if i asked.

No Giggle its a very common ?, all 3 of my children were inductions, as for pain each person is different, First birth, I asked for the epidural, Put it in, had 3 concractions, they rold me over, to check me, and The 4 felt like there was nothing in my back cause I pulled it out when I turn, cause they did not remember to tape it in.... then 45 mins later waiting for the anasteologist (sp) to come back to fix it, I had delivered the baby,

Second Child also Induced, with a slight onset of labour, they added the drip to make it come faster, Was Done with Nothing, Nothing for pain.... he was my littlest

and the 3rd, Was like I said 1hr start to finish once I could feel contractions.. and that birth I used the nytrous (sp)........

Good Luck and best wishes... It really does depend on the individual...... If you have had fast delieverys in the past.. and as I said, you will have a fast third.. If the *genetic make up of the baby's are the same*(being same dad) and I do not mean that rudley so please do not take offence to that....

This is what my OB told me when I was having my kids. labour gets faster with each delivery perviding the what I said above.

P.s. all my kids were aprox 3 weeks early... for different reasons, first and second were major hypertention* high BP* and the third was like I said cause I put my foot down and gave them the date.... she abided as she new How Much I wanted the 3rd pragnacy over..... Longest 9 months of my life waiting for that little guy..

06-24-2009, 08:37 AM
The third delivery is not always the fastest. All three of my kids share the same father and my first baby was my quickest. I was in labour for him for 2.5 hours. I figured with my second it would be even quicker, I was in labour for him for 11 hours. My last one, I had my water broken at 9am, connected to the drip for being induced. Walked the halls till 7pm. Very long day, that's when the contractions would make me pause. She was born at 10pm. My first and third I was induced. The first because I was 13 days overdue and the third because I choose that day. It was my due date, but my doctor was going on holidays starting the day after and I wanted her to delivery.

All you can do is ask and they will let you know. Having the drip though to induce I found to have quicker and more painful labour contractions. It made me physically ill with the two I was induced for.

06-24-2009, 11:12 AM
Like I said it all depends on the person!! I was just relaying what my dr told me and in my circumstance it worked as she said....

JM Experience.

Giggle Squirt
06-24-2009, 11:30 AM
fast preterm labours kind of run in my family so to speak. My mom and 2 of her sisters and her mother have all had preterm labours and they were quick as well. So going by that and the fact that my two pregnancies have been preterm and fast labours they are thinking their is a chance that this one will go quick as well. So i know that even with the chance that i could go early again, i am holding out that i go full term and want to see if they will schedual an induction.

06-24-2009, 01:53 PM
My last son - although born more than 18 years ago was to be a scheduled induction. I didnt' make it to the date.
He was due December 27st and I was worried about being in the hospital with two small boys at home at christmas. I asked my doc and he told me that if I hadn't had him on my own by the 19th he'd induce, so I could be home with my family for Christmas. I woke up in labour on the 16th of December.

My doctor had indicated that my son was "done enough" and that we could induce.