View Full Version : Kids gone wild??

07-17-2009, 05:58 PM
I have seen a number of news articles and posts lately about the teens, and young adults going wild stealing and causing damage lately. Don't you think it's time something was done. In this day and age, to expect the city to be nice and peaceful patrolled by 15 to 20 police officers when at least four show up to each call at night. Do the math, how many things can be going on at once in this city of 80,000, they patrol Prince Township as well. It's funny that all the other hundreds of city employees mostly work straight days and wekends off. Nice. I wonder why in big cities they have parks staff collecting garbage and watering flowers at night. Minor construction, hole patching, yah at night as well. Their trucks have headlights for a reason, darkness. So many more eyes are available when they are needed and less construction delays during peak times. Your tax dollars at work, they can help watch the city with the cops or sleep in bed like the firemen. It's still your money. Don't even start with the winter snow clearing that doesn't start till 5 in the morning when we have to be off the streets hours earlier. Funny seeing your tax dollars wasted like that isn't it.