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09-14-2009, 06:43 PM
I was down to Bruce Mines for the week-end,and...managed to get a glance at the food being barbaqued for a $10.00 all you can eat supper while at their tractor pull..Need-less to say it was tempting to stick around.They filled my plate be-yond what i expected...pork,chicken and medium rare roast beef...baked beans,cole slaw,bread,buns etc.It was an all you can eat event. absolutely the best meal in twenty yrs..the first plate did me in..The person who prepared it has a store in Desbarats..I will try and find out where the meat was purchased from? I've eaten at count-less places in twenty yrs and better.know a lot of great cooks..it beat all...hands down..Great going!

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09-14-2009, 06:43 PM

09-14-2009, 06:47 PM
mouth is watering

09-14-2009, 06:53 PM
Tractor pull + bbq + brucemines = hoote'nanny!

09-14-2009, 07:21 PM
Can't beat good old country cooking, we live near Maple Ridge Meat Shop their meat is all local, so yummy!

09-15-2009, 07:04 AM
Mouth watering is when your waiting about three quarters of an hr past the time the meal was sloted to be served.That's right,i was about to abort because the girl-friend did not want to leave the dog alone in the veichle,so,i decided to go in the eatery alone.lol.I went back to see her after an 1/2 hr of waiting for the food to be served.She...was NOT impressed,to say the least.

Most of the people waiting were older than me...i'm 55..lol.A few young ens were with their parents..but,for some reason..the vast majority were seniors.I spoted a few of the local yokals,since my grand-father raised his youn ens there.I have been frequenting since child hood,and have multiple relatives who have intermarried the locals.One church alone is dominated by relatives..lol

I hoovered around the barbaque pit eyeying up the prey,thinking the food was over cooked 2 hrs before it was to be served.WRONG!

The roast beef served to me was medium rare,it was about 1 and 1/2 inches thick,and,weighed in at about 6-8 ounces pr slice..I was given two slices of roast beef.The man who cooked and served the meal took note of me early on..He knew i was with girl-friend and asked if i talked her into the meal.I'm guessing he filled my plate towards the sky because she was absent..lol..Just as well..it was an all you can eat event..Saved me going back for seconds.

Pror to going to the tractor pull,i decided to turn on to the main street in Desbarats for a refreshing drink at the local grocery store.The first thing i noticed was the fresh aroma of baked beans by chance..lol.Apparently the wife to the man serving the meal was tending to the store,and,after i remarked about the pleasent smell..she told me some of the food was prepared there for the dinner in Bruce mines..Little at that point did i know i would be eating it later on in the day!

Besides the two 6-8 ounces and or slices of medium rare roast beef,i was seved a 6 ounce piece of pork along with a quarter piece of chicken.Let me say,there was NO need for salt pepper,nor any type of flavored additive to the meat.The pork was SO mouth watering,it literally disolved in my mouth...NO need for a fork.LOL..Seriously..this is the way food or meat ought to be!

Same with medium rare beef..it dissolved or seemed.to..NO need for a fork..The chicked was a little dry for a better term...but once past the skin,it to needed NO spicing of any sort...That my fellow usernames..is the real test of great food!

Opps..i did use the horse radish on the beef..but only after taste testing..lol

Horse radish is a need to for me..A fetish of sorts,when it comes to medium rare beef!

As i looked on the wall of Fame,there was a old picture of the Queen in all her crowing glory days of when she was young,along with her Prince! Also was a picture of a Mrs Grasely..An old time Bruce mine resident i'm assuming!

Once some of us were served,we went out-side to eat,as there was No room for a good portion of those waiting..Better yet,once we went out-side to eat...a lot of people standing around decided at the last moment to eat..I'm confident they wer NOT able to resist the temptation..

Who..who would of ever thought...the absolute best meal iv'e had in eons..would of been served in such a relaxed atmosphere.I've been in hundreds of eaterys across Canada,Some had rave reviews in New york times..but..this beat ALL!

I will deffinitely be in the Desbarats area to do a follow up on the person who catered to the dinner!

I want to know if he can duplicate that event,was it a fluke..or,does he do it often?

I thinking the meat had to be locally raised..Tender and tasty..Its not often i will eat meat with-out spcing...In fact RARE!