View Full Version : Got my 5870!!!!!

Upper Decker
10-02-2009, 04:59 PM
Got my XfX radeon 5870 today. It just looks badass out of the box.




And here is the size comparison from the 4870 to the 5870


Benchmarks soon to come!!!

10-03-2009, 11:59 AM
Nice....dual exhaust! lol

Upper Decker
10-03-2009, 01:51 PM
First order of business is to get a waterblock for this card, wayyyy to loud. Also needs better drivers as this thing will not OC in any shape or form for me. 3dmark06 shows zero improvement, in fact it scores less then my 4870 for some odd reason. Resident Evil 5 and Darkest of days show vast improvement vs the 4870 though. By about 90fps lol. Wishing my new mobo/cpu/ram/radiator/psu would get in as i think this card is sorely being held back by this tricore even @ 3.7ghz.Thankfully I grabbed an xfx card so i can really have fun with this card.

10-05-2009, 02:39 AM
Could you do me a favor and post benchmarks for this....



Upper Decker
10-07-2009, 03:02 PM
Well here are some quick benches done so far.
This is my system in my sig, cpu is @ 3.4ghz as i accidently broke the plug on my pump for my watercooler so im stock cooling. Running a cruddy win 7 ultimate install from my last system without a reformat. Also seems with current drivers i cant OC my video card at all. So these scores should increase drasticly once i get the cpu clocked higher , overclock the video card, and reinstall win 7.

Unreal Tropics Demo




3dMark Vantage


Resident Evil 5
85fps @ 1900x1200 every setting max

Team Fortress 2
185fps @ 1900x1200 every setting max

More to come!!

Upper Decker
10-09-2009, 09:57 PM
Heres a quick and dirty benchmark with my 9600GT i picked up today for Physx. Pretty big improvement i do say. Cant wait for my new waterblock to come in so i can crank this chip up to 4ghz (i bought this exact setup beause it OCCT and prime95 for 30 hours ). The screenshot is off due to a virtual monitor being there to enable physx cause nvidia software engineers are douchbages.


10-18-2009, 09:58 PM
Congrats on the sweet card. I see it in my rig in the very near future, just in time for Dragon Age. I would have replied sooner but I lost my password.

10-18-2009, 10:57 PM
Nice scores! But man that cpu is begging for a major OC'ing isn't it? lol
I'm so tempted to jump ship for one of those bad larry's but I have to keep telling myself that I don't need one right now. haha

Here's my latest 3DMark scores for you to compare with.



10-19-2009, 12:07 PM
KS your rig is fine for now, STOP...take control of your unnecessary computer upgrade disease!

I know I'm waiting for Fermi, it could be the card of the decade, and by then the 58xx and 59xx will have mature drivers, which is why a 5870 isn't too much better than the 48xx / 49xx series now.

10-19-2009, 09:39 PM
I see the best upgrade for me is this card as I have a 8800GT. I think my cpu is fine being a q6600 at 3.6. I'm interested in seeing how GTA 4 plays with this card.

Upper Decker
10-19-2009, 10:41 PM
So far this card seems to perform on par with a 4870 in xfire without the scaling issues. Redoing my water loop as my old setup didnt have enough oomph to keep this chip cold. Ill dl GTA 4 after and tell you how it runs. Its a shame im running this chip stock as i ahve gotten it to 4.2ghz but the temps were too out there for my liking even though the amd manual says 55-72 is normal operating temp.

10-20-2009, 06:11 AM
Pretty dam good to match the 4870 crossfire setup and perfect for me as my mobo has only one pci slot. I had it in my shopping cart lastnight but was to afraid to pull the trigger.

Upper Decker
10-20-2009, 01:49 PM
I had it in my shopping cart lastnight but was to afraid to pull the trigger.

Oh you know you want to lol.

10-20-2009, 08:55 PM
Want, yes! Need.......now thats where it gets interesting. Justifying it takes time I've bought alot of toys lately.

10-21-2009, 01:24 PM
Want, yes! Need.......now thats where it gets interesting. Justifying it takes time I've bought alot of toys lately.

I definitely, completely understand this statement...lol