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07-19-2007, 01:59 PM
Just wondering if anyone has tried such products and if so how well does it work and how much do you give your child(ren). I read some research on it, but don't know anyone who has young children who has tried this, plus if there is any slight side effects can you describe any that occurred.


Chaotic Chick
07-19-2007, 02:02 PM
I took Evening Primrose Oil for something else, when I was young and as an adult. It made me faint because it lowers blood pressure. My blood pressure is aleady low. I went to the doctor, wondering why I was having fainting spells; apparently I have very low blood pressure and the Evening Primrose Oil made it worse.

07-19-2007, 05:20 PM
Well that is something that some may not want to take, but i want more info on others who have done so.

07-19-2007, 06:30 PM
We have not tried either one for AD/HD.....but we did try Active Calcium Chewables which helps with restlessness it has Vitamin D3, Calcium, & Magnesium as well as Silicon(as amino acid complex) and it does help.....we also put our son on a very good multivitamin.......everyday....and both of them together seems to have really helped.....we have not tried anything else....we were at one time gonna try something like that I think we even got a bottle.Organic Oil Blend Optomega..we got it the same place we got the other stuff..it has extra-virgin olive oil, E-Prime, and rosemary extracts....but it taste really...and I mean really bad and there was few foods that I could hide it in...cause the foods have to be cold...if you put it with stuff that is hot...it does something to the oil.....like I would sneak it in with salad dressing and eggs after they sat for a while....but there isnt much that I could put it in without him knowing....and if he knew forget it.....not gonna touch it....the the other 2 he takes no problem cause they taste really good.......

07-19-2007, 07:54 PM
I have ADD, and I take fish oil. I also give it to my kids.

I've been giving it now about a month and I have seen a slight difference.

I dont think there should be much "side effects" to fish oil.....since it's pretty much like eating fish, unless there are allergies.

07-20-2007, 12:57 PM
i know fish oil is just plain good for u, adhd or not
wouldnt hurt to put him on it
evening primrose oil is great for hormones
why not try getting an omega 3,6,9 capsule

wanted to add that flax oil is good too, no heating! use it in salads or cold food
u get more benefits quicker from flax oil as opposed to eating the seeds since u have to eat alot in comparison to what ur getting from the oil

07-20-2007, 04:55 PM
Omega 3,6,9 has all that in there u can get it in liquid or capsule form