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12-22-2009, 08:20 AM
Contact Michelle at michelle.adams@premierservice.ca for mystery shopping!


*MS Word (version 2000 or more recent)
*A valid e-mail address
*Excellent attention to detail and written communication skills

If you are not currently a shopper with Premier Service, then please visit our website at www.premierservice.ca/apply.

After applying, then please contact me and I will be happy to get you started.

Michelle Adams, with Premier Service Inc.

12-22-2009, 09:09 AM
Does a mystery shopper have to buy anything? If so, who pays for this?

12-22-2009, 01:36 PM

Check out this story before responding to this ad! Just a heads up...

12-22-2009, 02:06 PM

Check out this story before responding to this ad! Just a heads up...

Good call. Thanks.

12-23-2009, 12:35 AM
I haven't checked out any of the phone numbers yet but this was at the bottom of Michelle's reply to my email:

"Thank you for checking…You can put the answer that you feel is best. There isn’t any “right” way or “wrong” way to do it."


Michelle Adams

Recruiting | Premier Service Inc. | Fredericton, NB, Canada

Tel: 514.683.5606 x251 | Fax: 514.667.8534 | michelle.adams@premierservice.ca

Giggle Squirt
12-23-2009, 06:49 PM
if they are out of NB then why do they have a quebec number? 514 area code is out of quebec.

12-23-2009, 07:26 PM
Maybe Michelle lives in NB

HAS ANYONE TRIED APPLYING FOR THIS JOB? How do we find out if it is legit?

Below is info from their website:

Contact us by e-mail
Client and Sales inquiries: solutions@premierservice.ca
Shopper inquiries: info@premierservice.ca
To become a shopper: Please complete our secure, online shopper application. Due to the large volume of applicants, we cannot accept inquiries over E-mail, fax or phone. Please use this form only. We look forward to your application!
Contact us by phone
Client inquiries: +1 (514) 685-1200 in Montreal
+1 (800) 452-5150
Shopper inquiries: Due to the overwhelming number of shoppers, we communicate exclusively through E-mail. If you write to us, we will gladly reply to you within 24 hours. Please refrain from phoning us.
Contact us by fax
Client and Sales inquiries: +1 (514) 685-2400
Shopper submissions: +1 (514) 667-8534
Contact us by mail Premier Service Inc.
2 Laniel Street
Montreal, Quebec H9B 3G5

Giggle Squirt
12-26-2009, 02:56 PM

Michael G.
02-21-2010, 01:09 PM
Greetings everyone!

My name is Michael, CEO of Premier Service. By chance, I came across this thread last night while Googling our company name.

Indeed, as per Michelle’s Opening Post, we are most certainly looking for excellent mystery shoppers in Sault Ste. Marie.

Back in December, we had several urgent shops, which is why Michelle posted the ad here. We did receive many responses and we filled our shops, so I think that’s why no one from our team has been back here.

It looks to me like there is some (well-founded) caution here, with some of you posting links to stories about fraudsters performing “cheque scams”; others trying to investigate our phone number; wondering why our number is a 514 area code, and so forth.

So, now that I happen to be surfing this site, please allow me to clarify a few things for our those reading this thread:

1. If you want to know if a company is “for real”, please go to websites belonging to various associations that you know are legit, and see if the company in a member in good-standing. Our two biggest associations, as mentioned on our main page, are the Retail Council of Canada and the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. Here are links to their sites:

MSPA – www.mysteryshop.org (http://www.mysteryshop.org/)
RCC - http://www.retailcouncil.org (http://www.retailcouncil.org/)

We also ranked on the PROFIT100 list of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2006. Here is the press release:

2. Check References
I am not sure if you have heard of volition.com, but it’s an online forum frequented by many mystery shoppers and merchandisers. It’s US-based, but there are quite a few Canadians there as well. You should check it out… there are many jobs there from other companies like ours. Within the forums, it’s very common for mystery shoppers to request feedback about mystery shopping companies. There are many, many such threads, with thousands of posts. Among the threads, is a little thread about us! Since we are Canadian-based, our presence there is limited. However, you will see a few dozen mystery shoppers saying great things about us. Check it out! http://forum.volition.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8202

3. Why not look for some press to see if we are truly legit?
I also found our name on Canada’s premier business website, Canadian Business, where I was quoted for a story on beating this recession:

4. Do we act in a legit way?
Above, Tutones pointed to an article that describes the story about someone who received a cheque in the mail from a company purporting to be a mystery shopping company. Posting this was a good call, as mentioned by NoCasa. Please do examine our landing page at www.premierservice.ca (http://www.premierservice.ca/). The FIRST thing you will not on our home page is the following message: “Please Note: If you received an unsolicited check in the mail, it is NOT from our company. Please do not cash it. Click here to learn more. (http://www.premierservice.ca/important.pdf)”

5. The phone numbers & our place of business
Michelle, our recruiter, works from NB. The 514 phone number is a Montreal number, where our head office is. You will not be able to google 514-683-5606, because it is an “Ident-I-Call” set up for Mystery Shoppers.

6. Do Mystery Shoppers have to buy anything?
This depends on the assignment. Generally speaking, the answer is no. If a purchase must be made, though, it will always be in a store that has a money-back guarantee (so you can give it back), or the price of the item will be incorporated into your shopping fee. Some stores like the mystery shopper to make a $2.00 purchase, just to have a receipt, to prove they were in the store. In the case of restaurants, the meal is also part of the fee.

I hope this answers everything!

No, you won’t “get rich” being a mystery shopper, but let me tell you – it’s a fun gig! Although the “Get paid to shop!” line sounds like a scam, I can tell you, it’s very real!

I hope someone here has worked for us and will say good things. We are a fun company to work with, we offer excellent customer service, and we pay our shoppers on-time. We are growing quickly, and our top shoppers can become schedulers, recruiters, team leaders, and so forth.

Please do visit our site at www.premierservice.ca (http://www.premierservice.ca/), or get right to our application at www.premierservice.ca/apply (http://www.premierservice.ca/apply)!

Although we are not in a crisis situation in Sault Ste-Marie, we DO need many more mystery shoppers there. I hope to see some of you as part of the team soon!