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01-24-2010, 11:01 AM
This tank is 70 gallon up top, 30 gallon down low, the water flow's by gravity through 'overflows' down to the sump, the Danner Magdrive pumps the water back up. There is about 18,000+ gallons of flow between the 2 tanks each 24 hours. Can fully withstand any power outage and come back up properly when the power comes back. I have spent $1000+ on everything, some stuff was new, some used. With that said I want $500 firm.

2 Overflows (each overflow can handle 1000+ gallons per hour, if one gets clogged the other can take the full volume of the pump, therefore no wet mess in your home)
70 Gallon Tank (48x18x18)
30 Gallon Sump
Spare 25 gallon(comes completely full of acessories) good for spare sump, fish hospital
2 48" florescent ballasts
950GPH Danner Mag Drive(cost me $220)
150gph power head(used for recirculation)
300gph power head(used for extra water movement in top tank)
2 200 watt heaters in Sump
50-60 gallon size HOB tank filter
all 1.5" Plumbing (Close to 30 feet of plumbing in the stand)
Steel stand finished in wood and painted. Has trim too.
1.25" board under the tank.
2 GFI's, all the outlets you need under the stand.
125lbs+ of gravel
Digital temperature/humidity unit, has sensor under stand.
Lots of Decorationsprobably
Background, fish nets(large, small), food, PRIME.
analog timers
Lots of air pumps, air stones(big and small) atleast 3-4 air pumps.
gravel vacs
digital timer(can have a different setting for every day of the week)
extra glass, aquarium books, testing stuff, fish bowl etc...

There's a pile of other accessories but that's all I can think of for now.
Tank has fish, if you want them, take them too.(only a few)

I've spent alot of time any money on this, it's a great deal for someone!

$500 firm, no lower offers accepted. Thanks!

PM me or reply if your interested. Thanks.

Or hit me up with what you have to trade!