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05-09-2010, 10:44 AM

We have lost our kitty..in the NORTH St area... I wanted to get his pic out there so that if someone has found him PLEASE let me know so that we can come get him..

We missed him SO much ...

He is a black and white male 5 yrs old... He went out night before last and hasnt come home.
This is VERY unusual for him...He usually stays in the yard area and scratches at the door to come in.

Please if you have seen him msg me or call 253-4457

thank you..



05-11-2010, 12:58 PM
Still no sign of our kitty...We are still looking and calling the humane society every day.. And nothing...

I hope that if he is somewhere he will come home soon...
Im not sure how much more of this I can take..

05-11-2010, 04:53 PM
thanks for the update, im so sorry he is still missing. poor guy. have you checked with your neighbours and made sure he isnt locked in a shed or something?

05-12-2010, 06:59 PM
Ive asked...No one knows or has seen him...

UGH..I just don't know..He still hasnt been brought to the humane society...No one has called with even a CLUE.. thinking my cat is just gone..:(

05-13-2010, 07:42 PM
I have a black cat still hangin around my place if anyone no's someone missing one but I have a 130 pnd dog so they dont tend to stick around Cylixx I checked my two sheds and garage and nothin but i figured where you are i'm three away from you same side.

05-13-2010, 08:36 PM
Well if its a lil guy then I know my neighbor has 2 cats 1 pure black cat and 1 grey striped tabby... and it would be right beside the alley...

So do you live directly across from the baseball diamond then?

05-13-2010, 09:17 PM
is that black cat a stray smokey? if so maybe you could let the spca know so if anyone has lost a black kitty then can come in the area and check it out. if its stray maybe hungry, maybe i can try to help. can you let me know? tjx/ cylixx, my neighbour had good news, his cat had gone all the way up st georges and was hangin around alberta ave. dont give up on your baby!

05-13-2010, 09:39 PM
Believe me Im trying REALLY hard here...Trying to keep somewhat of a smile on my face it just isnt working very well...I just hope that where ever he is or whatever it is he is doing he is well...

I do HOPE that he comes home..I really do....

As for the black cat I know my neighbor lets his cats run freely too and he isnt fixed yet...just a young guy still ..Prolly not quite a yr old yet.....

05-13-2010, 09:59 PM
oh thats so sad... i do believe you are trying hard.

so sad your neighbour lets his unfixed cats run free!

05-14-2010, 10:24 AM
Yes Kitca it is sad...and I really hope he gets them fixed ...Id rather not have any kitties spraying randomly in my yard...not to menchion they like to venture into my house if I have my back door open... :s

05-14-2010, 03:58 PM
Is really misssing my baby...Want him home where he belongs...Still no black and whites brought up to the humane society...
Someone HAS to have my cat...or he is roaming freely..Honestly tho I believe someone has him..:(

05-17-2010, 06:33 PM
Still no luck...The humane society said they did get a black and white in there today but told me it had black on its nose and that they were sure about the black spot on the chin..Ummm my kitty its very clear that his chin is black...

So unfortunatly No luck yet...I miss him tho...Want him home..UGH

05-18-2010, 11:11 AM
Thats sad I really hope u find him one day.

05-18-2010, 01:59 PM
I live on Northland Road and yesterday a cat identical to the one in your pics was walking along the top of my fence....my daughter thought it was the neighbour's cat but it wasnt....you might wanna check in behind the Carmen's Way Burm.....I have 3 kitties of my own so if I can catch yours I will but seemed a bit skiddish....took off when I tried to call it.....check it out....might be worth it ....good luck

05-18-2010, 02:08 PM
Thanks....Ya he isnt much for people as I have said before well strangers anyways....I hope that it is him...My husband is going to take a bike ride over see if he can see him...Thanks..

05-18-2010, 02:22 PM
No prob.....if I see him I will try shaking my cats food jug to see if he will come for a treat....but he was on my back fence which butts up against the berm so maybe check back there ...good luck

05-18-2010, 02:38 PM
well went and took a look ...no luck as of yet....Will try again later..thanks.

05-18-2010, 05:48 PM
oh, i hope its your cat and you can get him. my neighbour got a tip that his was on a certain street and he just kept going back to the street at different times. he found her.

05-18-2010, 08:54 PM
Went again...But completely unsure as to where abouts he was spotted on the street so we just walked up the whole thing...
Got a lot of dogs looking and coming out of their house..:S

05-24-2010, 07:17 PM
Still no luck:(

05-24-2010, 09:58 PM
Keep checking at the Humane Society. That is the most likely place for a stray to end up.

05-25-2010, 02:37 PM
Ive been calling...Still no luck..:(

05-28-2010, 06:26 AM
It is better to go and check the humane society rather than just calling.

05-29-2010, 07:19 AM
This Ad was in Sootoday Classified Pet Section - You never know. You have to go to the site and link to the person to contact them as there is no phone number.

There is a cat in the 5th floor hallway, black and white in color, small long haired.. beautiful markings and very tame/loveable! The neighbours and I have been feeding her and placed dishes outside of our doors to assure she is fed. If this is your cat please come up and claim her, she is so very lonely and seems to be missing her family!
Posted in: Pets
Report This Ad By: dakota2

05-29-2010, 10:06 PM
Well unfortuantly and oddly enough when i went to look for this ad i can not find it...I dont understand

05-29-2010, 10:06 PM
went to check it out cant seem to find the add ... a friend of mine posted the same thing to me on facebook ...

05-29-2010, 10:10 PM
Unfortunatly I do not drive as I have posted before....So going and checking it out is somewhat out of the question...thanks tho...

06-06-2010, 02:50 AM
still nothing :'(

06-07-2010, 09:29 PM
awwe, im so sorry, but dont give up hope.

06-13-2010, 01:22 PM
Well my baby still has not been found...he has not come home ...Has not be brought to the HS...Im at a loss for where he could possibly be....But have seen people posting about coyotes in the Wallace terrance area..:(...The last kitty they found well..Its sad btu they could only tell it was black with white feet:(...

I sure hope this did not happen to my kitty but i cant help wondering..:(... Im still hopin for him to come scratching at my door...But its been almost a month and a half now since he has been gone:(

06-15-2010, 09:57 AM


magic mushroom
06-23-2010, 02:13 PM
This cat is on The Animal Assistance Group website, i can't see if it has black on his chin though. looks close to your kitty.

http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/586/henrymay10.jpg (http://img205.imageshack.us/i/henrymay10.jpg/)


06-23-2010, 06:50 PM
henry ... yes saw it and called about him but apparently he was the persons sisters cat for 2 years ...

thx for the heads up tho ... :) ... im pretty sure hes just gone for good ... unfortunatly ..

magic mushroom
06-23-2010, 07:22 PM
keep on hoping, another person on this board their cat was missing for 6 months and was eventually found at the shelter.