View Full Version : Montreal Canadiens Pet Peeve

Barney Rubble
05-29-2010, 10:28 AM
My biggest pet peeve of hockey is when people say that there are no longer any Canadian teams in the playoffs.
The Montréal Canadiens have only 14 players born in Canada, three of which are from Quebec.
The Maple leafs also have 14.
The Chicago Blackhawks have a total of 20 and the Flyers have 19.
Heck, the Sharks had 15 and the Oilers have the most with 24.
So. If you really wanted to support a Canadian team, I think we would all be Oilers fans.
Anyways, didn't Québec want to separate from Canada at one time so shouldn't they be considered a third country.
Just my thoughts

05-29-2010, 12:07 PM
The Chicago Blackhawks have a total of 20 and the Flyers have 19.

Well you just squashed RW's theory that Canadians are lossing their grip on the game. A Canadian final it is.................Right buddy??

05-30-2010, 08:59 AM
Let's see...the Cup will reside in either Philly or Chicago...nope, can't find any map or atlas that says Philly or Chicago are in Canada.

We win. :)

Jack Butler
05-30-2010, 01:57 PM
Well, well...
It seems that the same old things are being said...*yawns*
Ha, ha, ha, it got to drive you crazy how dominate the Canadian game and player is.
Once again, Stanley will visit more Canadian towns then any other country, so I'm good!
My statement, if you knew nothing about hockey, just pick the team with the most Canadians to win, holds true!
It's good to be KING!
You win alright...just like Baracks oil spill is a win for the Republicians