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07-31-2007, 06:05 PM
i had mentioned awhile ago about an aquaintence of mine who has several turtles in her living room in a pond. i have a bit more information on how she set up this pond for them. i was just over there today and took note on how she did it. she has 6 turtles , so her pond is fairly big.

it is a rigid pond, the kind you buy and dig into your back yard, i think pennys pets has one in the corner when you walk in for their pond plants. anyway, she has it in her living room and used landscape bricks around it up to the height of the pond, then there are large flat rocks at the top, that overhang the pond - this is so the turtles cant climb out, and it also looks nice. she has quite a few plants along the side too, which look nice and natural. there is a pump to keep the water cleann and circulating and some flat rocks inside so the turtles can climb out of the water when they need to. then there are rocks in the bottom of the pond, very natural for the turtles, and also look nice. they are so happy! they can swim around and lounge on the rock or different rocks at different heights. what a wonderful set up. so much nicer than an aquarium, and maybe even cheaper when you start needing a bigger aquarium.

oh, next time i go i will bring my camera and post a picture of it! i just thot of that now...

editted to add: ramariz family, you will be very happy to know that shelley has settled in wonderfully, she is very happy in the pond with the others. all of the turtles were rescued from people who didnt realize how big they could grow and could no longer keep them. ramariz family needed to find a home because their other turtle was picking on shelley.