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09-17-2010, 12:44 PM
I had a few of my members introduce me to this forum...and suggested that I should pass on the relief that we can offer...colds/flu/sinus infections are starting and more around the corner.

Infra red sauna helps to unblock the sinus area helping to rid of the toxin buildup helping you to breathe more freely...as well as the uncomfortable achy feeling from the cold damp weather ... unbelieveable relaxation.

Ionic foot cleanse and detox is the way to rid toxin buildup within our bodies from everyday exposure ...

Bathing in pine mud baths helps the body to fight off infection and bring the immune system to a level that it starts to fight back.

Visit www.vibrationplus.com (http://www.vibrationplus.com/).. for more information on what we can offer to help you out with fall and I hate to say it...winter...around the corner...

I hope I can help some of you out...We have been using this sytem for over 2 years now in the Sault and it is a much better way to go than popping pills that really don't do anything to help fight anything....and really what do you have to lose but to try it out!