View Full Version : Ufc 124

12-07-2010, 04:16 PM

I would like to see Kos win this fight. Not because I don't like GSP, but because I really like Koschek. I have no idea who will win, but it should be a good fight. As much as I want Kos to win, I would have to say the safe bet is with GSP. Anything else would be an upset

Struve VS McCorkle

Struve has proven to be amazingly resilient, and a tough fighter with a lot of promise. Not only do I think McCorkle will have his hands full, but he has created a must win situation because of all of his trash talk. Not only is McCorkle now fighting a highly motivated Struve, he will look like an idiot if he loses.

Miller VS Oliveira

I really like Oliveira and want him to take this one. He looked awesome in his fight against Escudero.

Stevenson VS Danzig

This too will be a great fight. Danzig is great and well-rounded. Stevenson is only getting better himself. I think both fighters need this, which should make this entertaining.

Fight of the night: Stevenson vs Danzig