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08-07-2007, 08:38 PM
Yep, I hear that a lot from people online. If you're doing anything with supernatural abilities why not prove it with James Randi's indisputable test!

..or wait?

What exactly makes his tests correct?
I for one have never seen any of these tests.
What exactly do we know about this man that makes him able to conduct scientific data accurately and without flaw or bias?
Is he even a scientist...NO sir he is not.

Nobody seems to actually research something when it is hurting something they don't believe in anyways.

So please, actually take a look at the reasons WHY nobody can win his Biased challenges and what nonsense he does that cheats science from actually LEARNING something about paranormal abilities.

If anything he's stopping research and advancement on our knowledge of the matters.

Whether you accept psychic abilities or not-you should at least be willing to admit this man can't prove squat with his bias and so called" tests"-They deserve to be thrown in the trash along with the actual people who are con asrtists..this really makes him no better. So really, even if you are skeptic-at least find a scientist who knows how to proceed with this ..
and I can tell yahs..many scientists have done studies on it far more reputable than Randi's.

Does fame , fortune, and a few books make a soul a scientist ready to conduct tests!!!!!!???????

Pulease..James Randi...is Not an asset to either side of the arguement..skeptics should not be so shallow to buy into his remarks -at least ..AT THE VERY LEAST find someone with MERIT..someone with a scientific background.
An illusionist..cannot be the one to do this test.



above link--The James Randi Challenge.

Below-from the source : http://www.remoteviewer.nu/modules.php?o...order=0&thold=0 (http://www.remoteviewer.nu/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=1970&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0)

"A quick glance through the provisions seems to show an eminently reasonable and fair challenge. But now go back and look again a little more carefully, this time with the kind of critical eye that Randi brings to exposing cheats and frauds. What you find are some ambiguities that are likely to make any serious claimant uneasy to say the least.

The first such ambiguity is contained in the preamble where it says, "Since claims vary greatly in character and scope, specific rules must be formulated for each applicant."

This means, quite reasonably, that the rules for any particular attempt cannot be finalised until a claimant steps forward and announces what he or she is going to do -- bend spoons, read minds or walk on fire. But it also means that Randi will fomulate the rules for each individual attempt at his challenge on an ad hoc basis. And, of course, the claimant has to agree to these ad hoc rules. If he or she does not agree, the contest will not take place at all."

"The second ambiguity is in Clause 4, which says that "Tests will be designed in such a way that no "judging" procedure is required. Results will be self-evident to any observer, in accordance with the rules which will be agreed upon by all parties in advance of any formal testing procedure taking place."

This means, quite reasonably, that there will be no interminable arguments by 'experts' over statistical measurements. Either the spoon bends or it doesn't: either the claimant reads minds or he doesn't. The written rules, agreed up front, will decide.

But it also means that there will be no objective, independent judging or adjudication, by scientific criteria, carried out by qualified professional scientists. Randi alone will say whether the terms of the challenge have been met -- whether the metal was bent psychically, or the electronic instrument deflected by mental power, or the remote image was correctly reproduced. In the event that the claimant insists the written terms have been met, but Randi disagrees, then it will be Randi's decision that prevails"

"First that the terms enable Randi to draw up specific rules that are unwinnable -- and hence that no claimant would agree to -- and then enable him to claim that "no-one has won the prize"."

"Second there is Randi's own objectivity. His position can be understood from his own writings such as this.

"The scientific community, too, must bear the blame. When a Mississippi inventor obtained the signatures of some thirty Ph.D.'s (most of them physicists) on a document attesting that he had discovered a genuine "free-energy" machine (essentially a perpetual motion device), and when the U.S. Patent office issued a patent in 1979 to another inventor of a "permanent magnet motor" that required no power input, there was little reaction from the scientific community. The "cold fusion" farce should have been tossed onto the trash heap long ago, but justifiable fear of legal actions by offended supporters has stifled opponents." [Click here for the real scientific facts].

"These absurd claims, along with the claims of the dowsers, the homeopaths, the colored-light quacks and the psychic spoon-benders, can be directly, definitively, and economically tested and then disposed of if they fail the tests."

It doesn't seem to have occurred to Randi that the thirty Ph.D.'s who attested to the new machine might know a little more about physics than he does"

"The real facts are that Randi is doing exactly what he has accused some scientists of: he has conducted no properly designed experiments, has published no empirical results (reproducible or otherwise) and has not submitted himself to any peer-review process. Yet he expects us to accept his conclusions as having some scientific significance and meriting attention."

Randi runs away

In June 1999, a Mr Rico Kolodzey of Germany wrote to James Randi and challenged for the reputed $1 million prize. Mr Kolodzey is one of several thousand people who believe and claim that they can live on water alone, absorbing 'prana' or life energy from space around them.

Now this claim is, to say the least, extraordinary. It is perhaps even more extraordinary that an individual should offer to prove this claim by submitting himself to a controlled test.

The claim is one that most people would treat with great skepticism, and might well run a mile from. But James Randi is not most people -- he is the person who has publicly claimed that he has $1 million on offer to all comers who challenge him and are willing to submit to rigorous testing, as Mr Kolodzey has offered to do.

It should not be very difficult to arrange a test of Mr Kolodzey's claim. All that is needed is to lock him in a police cell, under CCTV observation, with only water to drink. If he experiences significant measurable weight loss, or asks for food, then his claim is false. If, on the other hand, he does somehow survive on water alone, then Randi is wrong, conventional science is wrong, and Mr Kolodzey has won $1 million.

It ought therefore to have been a very simple matter for Randi to offer to lock Mr Kolodzey up for a week or two. But that is not what Randi did. Instead he ignored Mr Kolodzey entirely. When Mr Kolodzey wrote again to Randi asking about his challenge, he received the following email from Randi (later confirmed with a hard copy):-

Date: 6/18/99 12:03 PM
Mr. Kolodzey:

Don't treat us like children. We only respond to responsible claims.

Are you actually claiming that you have not consumed any food products except water, since the end of 1998? If this is what you are saying, did you think for one moment that we would believe it?

If this is actually your claim, you're a liar and a fraud. We are not interested in pursuing this further, nor will we exchange correspondence with you on the matter.

Signed, James Randi.
(A hard-copy of this letter will be sent by post to you, today.)

James Randi Educational Foundation
201 S.E. 12th Street (Davie Blvd.)
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-1815

Here he goes on and on saying people who make outrageous claims are backing out-and the public believes him as though his word without proof is substantial evidence that psychics are frauds..
However, as you can see this shows he DOES back out himself..makes a person wonder ..what else is he doing ??

"SKEPTIC'S $1M CHALLENGE the biggest JOKE in paranormal history. Why? Because according to the conditions he himself set up, Zwinge Randi states that in the final testing of the psychics, ONLY he has the power to judge whether or not the applicant proved any aspect of the paranormal. HE IS BEING A JUDGE IN HIS OWN CAUSE!

HE is making the offer, HE drafted the conditions, HE is the adjudicator, HE is the judge and HE is the jury about an outcome HE has a huge personal interest in. And HE is the one who said, "I will always have a way out of paying (any money to any applicant) ..."

A blatant conflict of interest"-From the source: http://www.victorzammit.com/skeptics/index.html

" He is violating one of the most important equitable principles we have in the Western world,"No one is to be a judge in his own cause." His challenge is absolutely meaningless. It is irrelevant and absolutely misleading - designed to fool, con and deceive the public. Zwinge Randi's $1m offer is the greatest JOKE in paranormal history."

Skeptics..at least have honour-at least find a man or woman who is willing to conduct a REAL scientific challenge.

There's no getting around the fact that James is not it..

08-07-2007, 08:56 PM
Some more for those who are interested.

From: Michael Roll
To: Burt Brown
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002

Burt, many thanks for making contact. Please make contact with our lawyer Dr. Victor Zammit. He has really got the number of James Randi.

This debunker is the establishment front man for the whole of the religious and scientific establishments throughout the world. The mind boggles at the sort of funding that he must have access to.

I can only speak for the UK but over here Randi is billed as world's foremost expert on the paranormal. The staggering thing is that whenever the subject crops up on any media outlet this magician holds court on all outlets, especially in front of millions on television. Our professors of physics from Cambridge University, Wadhams and Josephson, who disagree with Randi are never allowed on British TV to balance Randi's case that death is the end of everything! It's this injustice that has made me fighting mad.

The only time the "great" Randi has ever been balanced on the British media was when the Nobel Laureate for physics, Josephson, linked the so-called paranormal with subatomic physics in a blaze of publicity in October 2001. Josephson was invited on BBC Radio 4. The Producer thought he would be very clever and stuck Randi up against this great scientist. Until that moment Randi had only come up against soft tarkets like mediums who did not know hay from a bulls foot about subatomic physics. Needless to say Josephson totally destroyed Randi in debate. All Randi could do was to call him a "scoundrel"on the air! Game, set, match and championship to the scientist. But hardly any person heard this on morning radio.

Randi was given a six part TV series on mediumship and the "paranormal". The astrophysicist, Sam Nicholls, wrote to the Granada studios warning them that Randi was a professional wrecker and that there would be no balance as the law demanded in the UK in order to fall in line with Article 19 of The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinon and expression: this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

Nicholls warning was completely ignored and Randi was given the go-ahead! To his credit Nicholls put up a fight. He turned up at the Granada studios when Randi was making the series. Nicholls stood up and challenged this foreign magician. Randi panicked when confronted by a qualified scientist and ordered all the cameras to be switched off! Thankfully, all this was recorded for posterity and I am sure someone will now expose this self-styled expert on life after death and related subjects. As our lawyer Victor Zammit will confirm, Randi's million dollar offer is a hoax, a trick, the same as most everything conected with this magician.

Reference: The Sun August 8th 1991. Last night's verdict on JAMES RANDI: PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR. ITV. 9 pm.

Journalist Garry Bushell told the truth to millions. He asked, "Why are not scientists who claim there is a rational case for a belief in life after death allowed to speak?"

"Why have their arguments been kept off TV? I hear that comments from astrophysicist Sam Nicholls were cut from the show on mediums. Why?"

"Could it be that Randi, a conjurer and escapologist, is only interested in easy targets?"

Michael Roll
Tel. 0117 9561960