View Full Version : SELL Xplornet Satellite Internet

zoo crew
02-14-2011, 09:17 AM
I will be moving and I am currently in a contract with xplornet. Just wanting to know if anyone is interested in taking over the contract and avoid the installation fee? The payments are about $67 a month. Let me know. Thanks 705 542 2769

02-14-2011, 12:19 PM
You should go down to the Xplornet Reseller on Bruce st? The one with the huge Antenna sticking out the side of the building. Talk to the front desk and ask if you could post a flyer or some info in case someone calls in for the whole package. Same goes with Bell World in the Station Mall. I still hope every single day that rural internet will ONE DAY be CHEAP, AFFORDABLE, and FASTER than the satellite, and Cell Tower internet services of today! Currently Bell Hub has the fastest but only 10GB?!?!?! Think of it as normal cell texting for $$$ hundreds of dollars if you go over. I did the math and its $100 for 30gb!!! Xplornet is unlimited but slow, Bell is about same as basic high speed but $$$ for overages and spending caps!!!

SOMEONE PLEASE STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND DO SOMETHING!!!! Xplornet on their homepage announced by the very end of 2011, and by the beginning of 2013! New satellite is being launched this summer, but 2 years seems an eternity after almost the 10 that have pasted!