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02-20-2011, 04:19 PM
I started this thread so we can all share stories about our dogs (& cats too if you want) when they were puppies, or older. Everyone can say they have they have a horrible dog and mean it in the most loving way at the same time.

Growing up I never had good luck with pets, and about 4 years after my dog Rambo ran away because the neighbor let him off his leash I got my dog Willow. Me and my dad were searching for dogs on the internet to adopt, originally we were only going to get a puppy, but one ad interested me. I saw an ad on this site about a husky needing a home because she was previously abused. I was only 8 years old but my heart went out for the poor dog, I asked my dad if we could go check her out, she was roughly a year old. We went to go see the dog in a blue house Penno road, but People's road. If the person I got my dog from is reading this I just want to say thank you for adding the best part of my life to me, you could even come see her if you wish. I fell in love with my Willow, we took her home and my mother unknowing to the fact we were getting a dog was... to say the elast very surprised. Being a loud house that we are Willow was extremely timid and she'd piss herself. She's grown out of that :) but she would chew on anything that wasn't metal, she'd crap in the house, and I didn't walk her, she walked me, that dog doesn't walk, she sprints. I let her out one time to go pee in the backyard and she ran through the carport, onto the road and my dad and I chased her for 2 hours before we caught her. She got accustomed to my house and was the most crazy, rambunctious dog I ever met. She still quivers if you raise your hand to her, and she's not my dad's biggest fan but she's the best thing that ever happened to me. One time we were out at camp and she went after the neighbour's dogs that were going to attack my then 7 year old sister. She's the nicest dog I've ever seen too, when I had my cat he would run and jump on Willow and bite his ear and punce at him and all Willow did was lay there and let him play, the cat got stuck behind the couch one time when we has the sofa bed out and Willow reached down in there and picked him up with her mouth by the nap of his neck. Willow just had to get immediate surgery recently because she had a bowel obstruction and I was a mess when she was gone. I just wouldn't be able to imagine my life without her. Our life is pretty much a Marley & Me story, her when she was young was relateable to Marley. When I borught her home from her surgery we layed down in my bed and watched Marley & Me, and I can admit being a male I cried during that movie.

Please share stories of your pets, and how they were the world's worst pet, or just other pet stories. Thanks for reading.

02-20-2011, 04:24 PM
Willow roughly 2 years ago, as of Feb. 15th I've had her 8 years.

02-20-2011, 05:02 PM
I am a cat person....My first cat Kelly I got when I was in grade two and she quickly became my cat. She lived for 25 years. I got married and moved from the Sault into an apartment in Ottawa so she couldn't come with us so my parents kept her as she had never been in any other house but my parents. She was also accustomed to going outside. Shortly after I married and moved I had to get a cat I was very lonely without one so I got Min she was adopted from the Humane Society and was already 8 years old. I rescued her sight unseen I called and they said they had an 8 year old they were going to put down that afternoon as they were full and no one wanted an older cat so I said NO I would take her. The next day I went and picked her up. She lived for another three years but I had to have her put to sleep due to tumors on her lungs, she was a gentle old sole. A year before we had her put to sleep we got a kitten from the Humane society. Nala, she is a people cat, she loves to be in the thick of things and absolutely adores my son. I think she thinks she is his mother. He can roll on her chew on her tail yank on her paws and she just takes it. a week after I had to put Min to sleep I and Nala were depressed and we were both crying so I went and adopted another cat from the Humane Society. This is where it gets somewhat complicated. They told me she was 16 weeks I found out she was hardly 8 weeks. it was feb and she was found out in a parking lot. She had an eye infection but we were dealing with it and then 2 days later she was diagnosed with another disease that we were told was terminal in 90% of the cases so we took her back to the humane society heart broken for my cat that died and heart broken for this kitten. They told me I could readopt at anytime when I was ready. 2 weeks later I called to find out whatever happened to her. They told me she was hanging in there but would do better with a foster home. I said I woudl foster her if I could readopt her so that is what happened. FOrce fed her every 4 hours, gave her antibiotics. her name was Kiara. Due to her illness at such a young age she had a little brain damage she always acted like a kitten meowed like one, her balance was always off and I always said if there was such a thing as autism in cats she would be the prime example. But I loved her. Then about a year later Cinder came into my life she was a stray that I took in. So one day Kiara became all affectionate and was all over me and anytime I layed down she had to lay on top of me and this was SOOOOOOOO not her. She never did this. If I went into another room and she didn't know where I was she would cry until I called her. This went on for about 2 weeks and then I found out I was pregnant. She continued this behaviour all throughout my pregnancy. She always had to lay ON me. If I was on my back she laid on my belly if I layed on my side she slept on my hip. The beginning of Feb last year she started having seizures we had her to the vet over and over and it just became toooo much. She was having up to 10+ seizures a day and each time she was lethargic, she would be incontinent, she would drool, her pupils dilated, and she was scared and there was no telling when they would happen. It was heart wrenching. So on the friday I called my hubby at work crying he thought I was in labor and I said we couldn't do this to her anymore and that we needed to go to the vet so off we went. The vet figures she had a brain tumor, I miss her more than I have missed any of my animals, she died 2 weeks before our son was born and I wish she had been here when he was. We figure she knew I was pregnant before we knew. During my pregnancy is when she was the most affecitonate. She would bump heads, sit on my lap, snuggle with me and I am soooo happy we had that time before she died.

My pets
Suzie (dog) died at age 14
Kelly (cat) died age 25
Min (cat) died age 11
Nala (cat) age 13 still going strong
Kira (cat) died age 11
Cinder (cat) age 12 still going strong


02-23-2011, 06:56 PM
My first dane could too be compared to :marley&me: but with more damage.
She ate EVERYTHING! To this day, my deck is 25% consumed, she ate the railing of the basement stairs, she ate 3 couches, 6 pillows, 167534 blankets (estimate only lol) not to mention 4 boards of my fence and countless other things that have passed through her system. She was the WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont say that lightly.

But like the movie....she turned into (with MUCH maturing) the "perfect" dog. By our standards. ALOT of maturing. our girl was picked up by the cops 4 times for jumping her 6 foot fence. LOL
Shes been a great mom and a shoulder to cry on. *tearing up like a pu**y".......lol

02-24-2011, 06:42 PM
Well, he comes pretty damn close. Harley has been with us for over a year now as a HS adoption. The noisy dog that cried and jumped enough for me to say ok and take him home. I tell people he is the Rodney Dangerfield of dogs because he just can't get any respect.
But he tries......and tries. He is incredibly smart and very trainable and willing; absolutely set on seeing me smile and tell him he's a good dog. He's about to get his chance to prove that he can be the big guy and take over the lead as our security guard/long walker and plain old farm dog.

Tomorrow is his first day on the job as we are losing our biggest buddy Harry. He has succumbed to his DM and won't be gracing our home any longer. Tomorrow we are having him euthanized which leads me to be convinced that I can change Harley into the dog he must be.

My complaints are based on how much Harley is obsessed with decorating the house with garbage. And I mean seriously decorate every inch he can. We have a very large garbage pail with a locking lid..........which he's chewed off. We've come home to the margarine and honey placed in front of the door like a slightly used present. He de-fluffs all of the toys and tears the small parts off of them much to the dismay of the pugs. He isn't hungry, he's just out to be noticed in a busy household. Unfortunately it's led to him being stuck in a crate while we are at work..........sucks to be Harley. I complain what a dork he is and what a dipstick he is but he is the quickest to listen and the fastest to get to me when I call. Even though he's killed rabbits in the yard (jumping on them trying to play), he is incredibly patient with the crazy kittens and loves to just be a friend.
And of all the weird things, our horses love him even though they hate dogs, must be his charm.


02-25-2011, 01:12 AM
Loopy, I'm so sorry to hear about Harry. He's been a valiant fighter and such a gentle giant. Hugs to you sweetie.