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02-25-2011, 08:12 AM
to my amazing vet. My 8 yr old boy tore both of his ligaments in his knee and surgery was performed 2 days ago. The care and love that was given to him was amazing. Financially we were concerned as we have braces that we have to purchase next month, income tax we have to pay this year (you know~~~life) but what else were we going to do. Our vet's main concern was getting him up on his feet. "Don't worry about the money~~that will take care of itself later" No payment schedule..just pay when you can. This is a Canadian veternarian. We've been with this vet for years, and when our baby was suffering..she stepped in and did what had to be done. "We trust you~just pay when you can" Even the cost of the surgery, overnight stay..was alot lower than expected. We put a hefty down payment down, taken from our braces money and hope that we will have it paidoff as soon as possible but I am so greatful for the understanding and compassion!
Thank you for making our ol' boy better!

02-25-2011, 09:47 AM
Our vet is the same. And there was a thread back when, about how little compassion vets on our side have. And how its all about money. This speaks for itself.
Not all our vets are half bad.

Hope your boy recovers quickly :)