View Full Version : Windows 7 Media Center Issue

03-06-2011, 08:20 AM
-running windows7 64bit ultimate
-ati theater pro 550 tv tuner

media center is working flawlessly aside from 1 issue

-i can watch live tv, pause, resume, and record live tv
-if i set up a recording at a specified time, media center kicks in, i get the notification in the taskbar that it's recording, it stops at the proper time, BUT....the final file size is always 512k
-if i start recording a program manually...it records perfectly
-it's only pre-planned recordings that are failing

never had an issue with 32bit windows7
have researched google, and thegreenbutton.com with little result
drivers are all updated, software upgrades are current

is anyone else having this issue, or a fix?