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08-09-2007, 03:16 AM
On my messageboard I have in greater detail the difference between An Earthbound (ghost), a Spirit (A soul who has crossed over), and what some people fail to consider-the Echo.

I will just type up information on the echo to help people discern between a haunting and strong energy vibrations.

"Many times what people think is an Earthbound-is really an "Echo"
An echo happens when a lot of energy hits one spot and the event that occured seems to play out over and over again. Something like a broken record. The person does not have to be deceased for this to occure However, imprinted energy is the result of often shocking and tragic events, So most will involve those who did not make it.
Wars are a great example of an echo. They are tragic, and leave behind a lot of strong energy, feelings, and intent.
You need only to travel to an old war zone and you may feel energies still there or you may even see a battle happening before your eyes. Apparations holding guns or wearing uniforms. It is common for people to mistake this as a lost soul, or an Earthbound soul who wants to finnish some task they left incomplete.

Truth is-they've more than likely crossed over with the help of many angels and spirit guides who knew the end results before anyone else did.
They have crossed over to be with their families and some lucky souls went home alive.

So what are we seeing , sensing, and feeling?

What we are seeing and sensing is the echo...the energy left behind to play the scene over and over again until it settles down. It is not a real live soul though.
Something like when you shout into an empty cave and hear your voice bounce back a few times. The energy we carry is so very powerful. Every time we get angry, we leave behind negative energy in need of cleansing. Every time we laugh with joy, we leave behind wonderful positive energy to make someone else feel that good vibe we leave behind.
Have you ever walked into a building where you get the chills? Where you feel so negative that you know something must be wrong, and later you find out something bad happened there? A Murder, a Fire, or a fight? It leaves behind a mess of energy, that although has no soul-It is never the less active and capable of draining your Aura from being colourful to a weaker energy(In other words helps make you either cranky or tired). The room would need cleansing to wash the negative vibes away.

That being said, it is also likely you can walk into a room and feel extreme joy or positive energy-Maybe you'll find their was a birth, or a celebration, or some kind of a positive event there.
This is the type of energy we want to leave for this Planet as we approach 2012-When the planets energy will start to shift and change.

Energy is not only felt, but viewed. You may view an Echo as a transparent or ghostly figure. The way to discern this is to notice how many acts are repeated-If you get the chance to view this. Noise also can be heard from an echo, making it even more difficult to discern from a true Earthbound or Spirit, however the word is usually unchanging unless it comes from another piece of the echo.

Have you experienced an Echo before?
Have you encountered something where now you feel it could be an echo?
Any places in the Sault you feel match the criteria needed to have Echos?

Share your stories here :

08-22-2007, 02:40 PM
I feel energy imprints in many places. Touching door [censored], shaking hands, touching walls, and even just standing on the same ground where something has happened brings strong feelings through for me sometimes.

I haven't found anything around the Soo though. But in time, I'm sure in my wanderings, something will come through I can can share here.