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Bill Nash
04-17-2011, 12:52 PM
A teacher of a class of grade two students was curious as to what the young students knew about Easter, so she threw out the question to the class, "what historical event happened to bring us Easter?.

A little girl at the back of the class put up her hand and exclaimed with delight, " That was when the Easter bunny first went around to all of our houses and started hiding chocolate eggs for us to find". The teacher felt for the young girl when she had to tell her and the class that this was not what Easter was all about.

A second young girl then put up her hand and was proud she knew the answer, "Easter came about because all the big department stores wanted to have a special parade that everyone could go to with their families every spring". Once again, the teacher disappointed the class and the embarrassed young girl when she said that was not why we had Easter.

Finally, after some pause, a little boy at the back of the class reluctantly raised his hand to the question,"I think I know the answer teacher". The teacher was willing to give it one last try, "Go ahead Johnny, tell us how Easter came about".

Little Johnny started out meekly, "Well, there was this guy named Jesus, you know the one they talk about at all the churches. He had a bunch of followers who believed everything he told them".

"That a great start Johnny", said the teacher, "Go on, tell us more".

Johnny now became more sure of himself and proceeded to tell the rest of the story, as if he had been there himself, "Jesus wasn't liked by everybody, and some bad Romans wanted to kill him. They put him through a kangaroo court and decided he should be crucified. They nailed his hands and feet to a cross until he died". The teacher nodded with concurrence as Johnny went on, "They took Jesus' body and wrapped it up in white cloth and put him in a big hole in a rock. They rolled a big stone in front of the hole so no one could get in or out. Then, after three days of Jesus' body being in the hole, something very important happened that changes all of our lives forever".

The teacher could not hold back her excitement, "Go on Johnny", she exclaimed, "Tell everyone what happened next so we all know the true meaning of Easter".

"Well", said Johnny, "The stone was rolled away by some strange force and Jesus came walking out of the hole. It must have been very dark in the hole, because he was squinting and rubbing his eyes, but what happened next is why Easter is important to us all".

The class was mesmerized by the suspense, Johnny went on, "Jesus looked around, and looked for his shadow, which is how we know how much longer winter will last!".

The class erupted with approval, ..... "Everyone open their spellers", muttered the teacher!

Bill Nash
04-17-2011, 04:28 PM
I didn't move, the mods stepped in (as usual). I thought it was a funny harmless joke, but don't mess with the "religion" board. We wouldn't want to cast any doubt about some beliefs. :(

Bill Nash
04-17-2011, 11:39 PM
Why would I visit a forum where you are moderated to the nth degree. If you don't agree with the religion of the day, you are tossed or edited. That's how the "holy rollers" control people. They don't want real discussion.

04-20-2011, 10:36 PM
Whats the big deal here? Tis a decent joke.

04-25-2011, 12:26 PM
Yes it is a decent joke, as soon as little johnny was mentioned I had an idea which direction it'd be heading. Cute, and funny.

But after reading this joke, it'd made me realize if you asked any kid (from 4 to 18 maybe) what the meaning of Easter is. It'd probably be close to the first two answers in the joke. It's too bad they can't even give just a briefing of different holidays and why we celebrate them in school. Rather then having my daughter come home from school and asking tons of questions because one of her friends told her something (biblical) and she thought she was right out to lunch. You don't realize how much they are missing out on until they start asking questions.

Bill Nash
04-26-2011, 10:05 AM
That's bull, Handyman.

The religion forum is the only forum prefaced with the words "No Bashing Please". Bashing isn't name calling or insults, .... bashing is passionately disagreeing with the thought of the day. The holy roller forum exists for the holy rollers, moderated by a holy roller, and doesn't tolerate non-holy rollers.

They tolerate at first, ..... only hoping to convert you to "see the light". Once they know you are a lost-cause heathen and determined you are bad for their precious site, you are not welcome, and moderated or tossed.

Free speech?, ..... not one of the 10 commandments, I guess.