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07-20-2011, 01:04 PM

I said the same thing last year and last summer 2X's I called the cops because at walmart 2 people left their dogs in the hot cars.

Yesterday I almost called again. If the person who was at metro last night with a golden retriever is reading this you should be ashamed of yourself. Here is the story as I know it.

I pull into the Metro up on Northern ave at around 630pm last night ....I pull into a spot beside a car that has a dog in it and the windows are a LITTLE bit down. The dog was panting....So I got out a pen and paper to get the license plate number and call the police. When this man walks up with a grocery bag puts his arm in through the window unlocks the door the alarms sound....I ask him is this your car...(It all happened so fast, I was at a loss for words and didn't quite know what to say) he responds with yes....The dog is happy gets out and the man opens a truck door across the lot the dog gets in.....they drive off. The alarm on the car is still going off.

Not sure if he stole the dog, if he knew the dog, if he rescued the dog but it was weird. One person asked me if I just saw that. I was like yep not sure if the guy stole the dog but I'm just glad it is no longer in a hot car.

But this is a reminder leave your furry family member home on hot days they will live to love you for it.