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Bill Nash
08-15-2011, 08:30 AM
St. Peter was tending the Pearly Gates as usual, when he suddenly had the urge to have to relieve himself. He still needed someone to look after the Pearly Gates, and frantically looked around for some help. The only other heavenly being he could see was Jesus, who had just newly arrived into heaven himself, so he called him over.

"Jesus", said St. Peter, "I have to leave for a few minutes, do you think you could look after the Pearly Gates for me for a while?".

Jesus looked kindly to St. Peter and said, "Why sure, but you will have to tell me what to do."

St. Peter said, "All you have to do is greet the new people that are coming into heaven with a friendly hello and ask them if you can help them with anything".

Jesus said, "that seems simple enough, go and take your time".

Not long after, Jesus noticed a little old gray haired man walking towards him in the clouds. Jesus became all excited about his new job as the keeper of the Pearly Gates, and approached the old man.

"Hello my friend", said Jesus, "How may I help you?"

"Well", said the old man, peering through the mist of the clouds, "I have been walking all over heaven searching for my son, but I haven't been able to locate him".

"We have many son's of men in heaven my friend", said Jesus, barely able to see the old man through the clouds, "you'll have to describe to me what he looks like."

"Well", said the old man, "The most outstanding characteristic of my son is that he has holes in his hands and holes in his feet."

With great excitement, as he squinted to see the little old figure through the clouds, Jesus exclaimed, "Excuse me, are you my father?"

Excitedly, as he tried to fan the clouds out of his eyes, the old man exclaimed, "... Is that you Pinocchio?"

08-15-2011, 08:51 AM
hehe -head shake-