View Full Version : SELL 3 month old rabbits

08-31-2011, 03:18 AM
So my rabbit had a surprise litter of babies and I'm looking for people to adopt the babies, they were born May 19th and they're ready to go now, I have 6 males for adoption. NO FEEDERS!! I'm not giving to anyone as a feeder for snakes or people. There's 4 albino males and 2 with colouring. They know how to drink from a bottle, and I feed them Rolling Acre's food you buy from TSC (the purple bag) I have the mother, and father here if you want to see what the parents look like, they were all handled right from birth. I'm asking 10 dollars per rabbit just to make sure they get into good homes. If you plan on buying 2 you're going to have to get them neutered so they don't fight because rabbits are territorial.




Call or text 705.946.9059 to inquire, ready to take home now