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Bill Nash
06-07-2012, 10:25 AM
If jersey wins game 5, the Kings would become the first team to win the cup in 6 games after being up 3 - 0. With that stat against them, could we see a game 7?

Also, the Jays are playing pretty good baseball, and the Orioles seem to be coming back down to earth. You heard it here first, the Jays and the Yankees 1 - 2 in the AL East, .... order not important.

After winning 20 in a row, the Spurs lost 4 in a row to OKC, ... sad, but the better team won. Could the Celtics be this years Kings in Basketball? Not seeded an 8, but still not suppose to be there.

The Fed and the Joke both survived early scares, while Nadal is on cruise control, .... rack up another for Nadal at the French Open.

Jimmy Johnson is making a move, .... ho-hum, ..... I guess he was feeling for Tony Stewart last year,.....

Tiger Woods is now the highest ranked American golfer in the world, ... number 4 on the list. The US Open will really show us where he should be, .... lets wait, ....

Who will be Canada's Olympic stars this summer? Well, we can probably hope for something in diving, canoeing, men's 8s, .... maybe a surprise in cycling, .... but where else, ..... any other ideas out there?