View Full Version : Tarragon cream Chicken

10-21-2012, 02:03 AM
boneless chicken, clean , wash , and wash again,, remove any fat and unwanted stuff,, wash chicken again,,
cut chicken into like sized pieces,,, wash all chicken again.
wash your hands now
take a fry pan, and put about a tlbs. of butter and put in hot pan with about the same of olive oil.
,,, when hot, place chicken in it to brown,,,, about 8 min. ,,, each side,,, remove from pan to baking pan , to go into 325 degree oven to finish cooking chicken while makein the sauce,,
Fresh Tarragon,,, chop it ,,, whipping cream,,or 18 %, put it in the pan as soon as you take the chicken out,,,,put approx. 2 tbls. dijon mustard in,,, mix with cream... stir it,, scrape the bottom of the pan to get the good stuff up,,,turn your heat down to low,,,,, stir often,,, ./ about 5 min.s before your chicken is done in the oven, put your fresh herb into the cream sauce,,, stir,,, put the chicken onto a beautiful platter, and spoon the lovely sauce over it!,,,, you are not going to believe how good this tastes with mashed potatoes, and fresh green beans!