View Full Version : America reaffirms universal truth: Hockey is ours

01-03-2013, 05:20 PM
We heard a lot of talk today — and after Nail Yakupov spoke the truth about how dirty Canada plays at all times — about how Canada should stop letting foreign kids into the CHL because of how it takes jobs away from such-and-such a junior player from Whitby, or whatever, while giving those foreigners access to the very best junior coaching in the world. But umm, all five American goals were scored by NCAA players, and as for the coaching, well, Steve Spott runs a CHL team, doesn’t he? Phil Housley is a Minnesota High School Hockey coach, and his gameplan for today’s laughable contest made Spott look like an amateur.

It’s time for Canada to face the facts. Hockey’s just not the sport for you. You produce some okay players and make a little noise every once in a while, but four years in a row without gold at World Juniors? And this time after bringing every weapon in your supposedly-prodigious arsenal? Yeah, okay, you’ll probably beat the Russians on Saturday for Bronze but hell, the Slovaks almost beat the Russians. So did the Swiss. That’s the level you’re operating on these days.