View Full Version : This is the Last Thing Canada Needs

11-25-2013, 05:33 PM
As recent WJC's have shown, the US is on the verge of over-taking Canada as a hockey power.

this won't help:

"Last winter, Hockey Canada and Bauer Hockey Inc. commissioned an independent survey to better understand the challenges facing non hockey-playing families.

Thatís because according to the two organizations, approximately 90 per cent of Canadian families choose to not have their kids play hockey. So a survey of 875 non hockey-playing families in Ontario and Nova Scotia was conducted to better understand why they donít play the game and the top four reasons given were a) it wasnít fun b) was too time consuming c) safety concerns d) and affordability."


"We refer to it as our game. And you know which game Iím talking about: hockey. Canadians bleed for it. Talk about it incessantly. Celebrate like a bunch of lottery jackpot winners every time we win an international tournament and self-analyze obsessively on the occasions when we donít.

Hockey is a part of us. It is our birthright, our national ID card, and the one game we know better and care more about than anybody else.

Think about it: it is Christmas. And what does Christmas mean? Gifts on the 25th and a collective Canadian mass on the 26th, commencing at 3 p.m., when the menís national junior team takes on the plucky Finns in the opening game of the 2011 World Junior Hockey Championships.

Millions will watch. And, should Canada win it all in the end, millions will party. And we should, since the hockey party in this country could be nearing its end. The worst part about the hangover is that the Americans, our arch rivals, and the eternal chip on our shoulder pads, could be poised to overtake Canada as the premier hockey nation on Earth."